JoAnn Durante School Administration Expert

JoAnn Durante, School Administration Expert

JoAnn Durante is a school administration expert with over 30 years of experience as a principal, assistant-principal, teacher, and professor. Her career in public school administration spans 20 years where she managed a large student body assuring a quality education in a safe environment. She also has 14 years of working experience as a teacher, adjunct professor, curriculum writer, and staff developer. She applies her extensive experience to forensic investigations related to the care and safety of children and young adults. The scope of her casework includes school supervision and security; teacher performance and effectiveness; harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB); discipline issues; student injuries; mandated reporting; and curriculum instruction in public schools. As a school administrator, JoAnn has fostered academic excellence by helping to promote learning and creativity in a safe and child centered environment.

As principal, JoAnn's experience included the administration and supervision of the comprehensive operations of a large high school including instructional and non-instructional staff, vocational, bilingual and special needs programs, maintenance and grounds security, security systems protocol, financial accounting, and on-site outsourced programs. As an Assistant Principal, she provided leadership and guidance to students from grade 9 through to graduation, including career and college planning. More specifically, she has been responsible for hiring personnel, promoting and maintaining the grading system, the master schedule, and any program impacting facility use and safety. JoAnn developed curriculum, was a leader in a wide range of professional development activities for staff and parent groups including standards-based performance reports.

JoAnn is certified as a Principal and Instructor by the State of Pennsylvania. She earned her Master of Science in Educational Administration from Lehigh University. She also holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. She is a member of various professional organizations, including the National Association of High School Principals, and has received training in gang awareness; harassment, intimidation, and bullying; physical restraint; suicide prevention; drug and alcohol awareness; and building and program safety.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2017 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of claims and litigation involving the safety, security, and educational well-being of students. Safety and security investigations extends to instructors, staff, and the general public as it relates to school facilities, off-campus programs, and extra-curricular activities.

Supervision - appropriateness to environmental context, instructor/staffing ratios, training and professional development for instructors and non-instructional staff, behavioral expectations and management of students, classroom/activity management and safety, curriculum design, program compliance, planning, organizing, supervising activities on premises, school arrival/dismissal procedures, violence reporting, Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying programming.

Educational Program/Policy - 504 Plans, Individual Education Program planning, Vocational Program planning, Alternative Education, English as a Second Language, Curriculum Development, College Planning

Policies and Procedures - formulation, implementation and evaluation of school related policies, procedures and practices, hiring, vetting processes, training, retention processes, best practices, program compliance

Safety - analysis of emergency protocol and procedures, facility based emergency, evacuation and disaster planning, winter weather snow/ice management, custodial and spill response, transportation processes

Security - student identification programs, limited access doorways, metal detectors and other active weapon detection measures, dedicated campus security presence, campus key access, security alarm systems, coordination with local police department, security at sports contests other special events

Personnel - coordination, management and supervision, monitoring of special and general education staff, teacher aides, hall monitors, secretarial staff, coaches, and custodial staff

Bethlehem Area School District

1979 to 2012

Principal, Liberty High School 2007-2012

  • Administered and supervised total operations of over 2,800 student body, grades 9-12, over 300 staff members
  • Hired, observed, evaluated, and conferred with all certified special and general education staff including custodians, teacher aides, hall monitors, secretarial staff, and coaches
  • Developed action and improvement plans for staff supervision and instruction of students in classroom environments
  • Spearheaded Project 720 plan, compliance to PA State Testing, No Child Left Behind, data analysis and root causes, identify areas of strength and weaknesses to begin a process to enhance educational programs within school
  • Maintained/reviewed/revised educational action plans to improve student programming
  • Teacher led advisor/advisee program
  • Coordinated teacher led ramp up programs
  • Developed procedures and policies for staff handbook
  • Created “School-Wide Security Plans” for student staff including off campus evacuations for all students
  • Created and implemented emergency preparedness drills for staff and students
  • Responsible for district, state, and federal coordination of policies
  • Participated in state and federal grant applications
  • Planned, coordinated, and prepared school wide budget
  • Developed/administered school-wide master schedule
  • Expanded advanced placement programming
  • Participated in the expulsion process
  • Participated in special education programming
  • Reorganization of two campuses, during a complete renovation/construction process
  • Recreated programs lost during construction
  • Promoted and supported student course selection and placement
  • Increased enrollment/recruitment in AP level classes
  • Reorganized student government
  • Enhanced activities in athletics, music/arts related and honor programs
  • Expanded school to work program, ESL and special needs opportunities
  • Piloted and expanded co-teaching program, inclusion, and in-class support training
  • Created/planned staff development on differentiated instruction and classroom management
  • Created and supported professional learning communities
  • Participated in restorative practices initiative
  • Collaborated with PAC (Parent Advisory Council) for all supervised instructional and recreational activities
  • Maintained information for school website
  • Participated in No Place for Hate Programs
  • Established Junior NAACP program
  • Promoted Latino Youth Leadership programs, including celebrating Puerto Rico Heritage Day
  • Sponsored Holocaust Awareness program with Muhlenberg College
  • Sponsored Special Olympic activities
  • Coordinated course offerings and the course selection process by students
  • Spearheaded the use of mass media and technology as communication platform for students and staff (TV broadcasting, daily bulletin, website maintenance)

Assistant Principal, Liberty High School 1993-2007
Organized, maintained, managed freshman class through graduation. Responsible for the Classes of 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007

  • Facilitated CAMP (Character, Academic, Motivation Program) wrap around team intervention process
  • Led and facilitated intervention and referral services
  • Coordinated and participated in student assistance programs
  • Established peer mediation and student training in cooperative discipline, social and emotional intervention strategies
  • Participated in the creation and continual revision of the code of conduct and attendance policies within the parameters set by school law and the community
  • Developed conflict resolution strategies, code of conduct and orientation practices for students
  • Provided Suicide Awareness Program
  • Provided staff development on crisis intervention, security
  • Provided staff development on mandated reporting
  • Organized and provided leadership for programs: freshman orientation, parental open house programs and seminar, academic achievement, assemblies
  • Monitored , budgeted and organized extra-curricular activities
  • Mentored new teachers and administrators
  • Facilitated distant learning opportunities
  • Responsible for the State Violence Report, Graduation/Drop Out Report (PA-EDGR)
  • Doordinated School-to-work initiatives: St. Luke’s Hospital, Liberty Coffee Shop, Liberty School Store, IEP- Job Preparedness
  • Trained educational support staff in techniques used in behavioral management, nonverbal techniques, de-escalation strategies
  • District Chairperson (curriculum, supervision, and budgeting) for the Business, Driver Education, ESL, Special Education, and Mathematics, Fine and Practical Arts Departments
  • Established distant learning opportunities with PA schools
  • Participation in PA Career Link/Lehigh Valley
  • Supervised articulation agreements in accounting, computer technology, CISCO, and marketing programs with Northampton Community College
  • Responsible for choosing, maintaining, and training staff on software associated with grading, scheduling, transcript release, grade point average summation, extra spaceincluding training for parent portal and on-line grading
  • Collaborated with guidance to create Liberty High School College Planning Guide and the school profile
  • Chaired commitees for Project Renaissance participation: Large group effort eliminating traditional scheduling, including school to work initiatives, team planning, the David Team lower school, upper school, and school within a school concept creating career pathways
  • Spearheaded software enhancements for office personnel, including guidance, attendance and discipline to secure quick data on students
  • Participated in Civil Rights Compliance Review Committee member
  • Planned alternative education programs: ALPHA, LAMP, Day team, in-school suspension
  • Responsible for building finances

Department Chair, Liberty High School 1992-1993

  • Participated in Project Renaissance: redesigned the business curriculum model to include a community college component, upper school schedule (block schedule), and development of “a school within a school concept” creating career pathways
  • Spearheaded certificate program in accounting, marketing, computer
  • Created department master schedule
  • Coordinated activities with Lehigh Valley Business Teachers Association
  • VEMIS reporter (state funding for Business)
  • Aligned curriculum in accordance with PA Vocational Teaching by Objectives program

Teacher, Freedom, Liberty, East Hills and Nitschmann Middle Schools,
Summer Program, Night School Program

  • Revised curriculum of all courses
  • Wrote curriculum for new courses: Marketing I, Accounting III, PASCAL, COBOL, Business Law
  • Advised Future Business Leaders of America
  • Coached and participated in FBLA competitions, AP Computing Team
  • Participated in Restructuring Committee
  • Class Advisor, FHS - 1985, LHS – 1992
  • President: Lehigh Valley Business Teachers Association
  • Coached Pep Girls/Hoop Girls
  • Coached Step/Drill Team
  • Curriculum Writer for first Computer Technology Course (graduation requirement)
  • Curriculum Writer for Microsoft Office Certificate
  • Created and published Liberty Pride, publication promoting only POSITIVE school news
  • Taught students in the Homebound Instruction and Tutoring program
  • Taught Summer School Computer Technology requirement and Environmental Science
  • Participated in district-wide Strategic Planning Committee
  • Chaired Middle States Evaluation Committee

Northampton Community College

Adjunct Professor


Taught “Back to Work” (career preparedness) course for stay at home mothers or women who had left the workforce and/or school

Professional Credentials

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Professional Certificate: Secondary Principal
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Professional Certificate, Instructional: Accounting, Typewriting, Data Processing
  • Student Assistance Program Certification
  • FEMA, Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • FEMA, National Incident Management System


Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 1991, Master of Education: Education Leadership, Principal's Certificate

Bloomsburg State College (University), Bloomsburg, PA 1979, Bachelor of Science: Business

Bloomsburg State College, Bloomsburg, PA 1978 Bachelor of Science: Business Administration

Professional Development

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness: Northampton County Coroner, 2012
  • IDEA Training, PA State Department of Education, 2005
  • Student Assistant Updates
  • Bethlehem Police Department: Drug Task Force
  • Bethlehem Fire Department Training for School Safety Team
  • Route 222 Corridor, Drug and Gang Task Force
  • Redesigning High Schools for Improved Instruction: Harvard Seminar
  • PA Governor’s Institute on Innovation in Education
  • PA school participated in Project 720
  • PSSA, State Testing Analysis Updates, Corrective Action

Professional Memberships

PAESSP Pennsylvania Principals Association – Secondary Retiree Membership

Administrative Experience

  • Supervised and coordinated the safe arrival and dismissal of all students including bus transportation and parental pick-up, and the walking student body.
  • Developed and implemented district policies and procedures, grades 9-12, including programs maintained on campus, regarding safety, security, supervision, emergency protocols, staff development, parent and community organizational structures.
  • Principal and Assistant Principal at the high school
  • Developed curriculum for Business and ESL students
  • Developed school-wide strategic plans, master scheduling, security, safety plans, staff and student handbook, school budget, and safety classroom manual.
  • Performed routine inspections of school facilities including classroom/building safety and sport/extracurricular activity safety.
  • Supervised, reviewed, and developed the master schedule of the facilities, inclusive of regular school course scheduling, facility scheduling, coordination of sports complex, and musical arts extension
  • Supervised all certified and non-certified staff in areas of safety, supervision, curriculum, and instruction
  • Provided parents with informative experiences related to student participation and education.
  • Collaborated with child study teams to develop strategies to enhance student experiences.
  • Observed and evaluated all general and special education teaching staff, counselors, nurse, paraprofessionals, and other non-certified individuals who come indirect contact of the student body.
  • Participated in all district wide events impacting high school.

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