Theresa Kreider, Ed.D., CPSI Special Education & School Administration Expert

Theresa Kreider, Special Education & School Administration Expert

Dr. Theresa Kreider is a special education and school administration expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of public education. She has experience as a Director and Assistant Director of Student Services, collaborative support services teacher, and a teacher of students with learning disabilities and emotional disturbances. Dr. Kreider applies her expertise to forensic cases involving the safety and well-being of students, and disputes involving the adequacy of educational programs including compliance with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Theresa Kreider, Ed.D., CPSI - Special Education & School Administration Expert

Dr. Kreider has spent over 17 years working as a Student Services Administrator, working with and supervising school psychologists, school social workers, school nurses, speech/language clinicians, behavior support specialists, school counselors, special education teachers, gifted education teachers, and teachers of English Language Learners. As a teacher, Dr. Kreider taught students with learning disabilities at the middle school level, and students with emotional/behavioral disorders across all grade levels. She currently teaches in an adjunct position in the Education department at Millersville University, working with undergraduate and graduate students on coursework related to Special Education. She has specific knowledge and experience in positive behavior support plans, discipline of students with disabilities, de-escalation techniques, post-secondary transition planning, residential treatment facility and alternative placements, and 504 accommodation plans.

Theresa earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, a master of science in Teaching and Curriculum, and a bachelor of science in Special Education. She holds other industry credentials including a Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility, and certifications in both special education supervision and curriculum and instruction supervision.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2021 to present

An experienced leader in K-12 school systems and institutes of higher learning with extensive administrative and staff experience in the field of special education. Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of claims and litigation involving the safety, security and educational well-being of all students.

Discipline of Students with Disabilities: Manifestation determination, 45 day alternate placements, investigations, suspensions, expulsions, Positive Behavior Support Plans, de-escalation techniques, physical restraints, functional behavioral assessments.

School Wide Behavior Systems: School wide positive behavior support programs, social skills curricula, building student/teacher relationships, peer mentoring programs.

Individualized Education Plan Development: Special considerations, behavior plans, goal writing, progress monitoring, least restrictive environment, specially designed instruction, supports for school personnel, related services, assistive technology.

Transportation of Students with Disabilities: Safety measures, bus/van driver training, aides on buses, wheelchair transfers.

Post- Secondary Transition for Students with Disabilities: Transition plans/IEP, Post School Outcomes, Post- secondary education options, employment, PATH/adult planning.

Supervision of related service personnel (School Psychologists, School Social Workers, School Nurses): Multi-Disciplinary Evaluations, assessments, 504 accommodation plans, district wide referral and identification equity, social skills, counseling. Supporting families, confidentiality, socio-economic issues, attendance, agency involvement. Health plans, school safety, school health regulations and guidelines.

Out of District Placements for Students with Disabilities: Residential treatment facilities, Approved Private Schools, Least Restrictive Environment, personal care assistants, nursing/medical services.

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS): Academic, behavior, attendance intervention, student study teams, intervention plans, data driven decision making. Instructional Leadership: curriculum, instruction, classroom management, student engagement.

Educational Leadership: Program oversight, teacher evaluation, instructional support plans, budget management, hiring and retention practices, staff professional development.

Playground Safety: Supervision, equipment, maintenance, surfacing, organizational policy, and practices.

Penn Manor School District

Director of Student Services

2010 to 2022
  • Administrator and supervisor of the student services department for a K-12 school district of approximately 5400 students, 300 professional staff members, and 300 support staff members.
  • Writes and facilitates Instructional Support Plans for teachers.
  • Initiated special education programs for students with disabilities ages 6-21.
  • Oversees all programming and placement for students with disabilities and a budget of approximately $16,000,000.
  • Facilitates the transition for students with disabilities between early intervention programming and school aged programming.
  • Supervises teachers in the development of Individualized Educational Plans for approximately 1000 students with disabilities.
  • Supervises teachers in the development of Gifted Individualized Educational Plans for approximately 300 students.
  • Coordinates school psychologists in development of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.
  • Coordinates school psychologists in assuring equity in the District’s evaluation process.
  • Oversees the development of Section 504 Accommodation Plans.
  • Worked with schools to develop School Wide Positive Behavior Support Plans.
  • Works with school teams to develop individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans.
  • Facilitated the coordination between the District’s Behavior Support Specialist and school teams.
  • Led the reorganization of the District’s programming for students with emotional disturbances.
  • Facilitated changes in post-secondary transition preparation for students with disabilities, ages 15-21.
  • Serves as the liaison between the District, parents and residential treatment facilities and other specialized placements.
  • Coordinates with the transportation department to develop safety procedures for all students requiring specialized transportation.
  • Writes Individualized Educational Plans for unique student cases.
  • Collaborates with the District’s special education attorney to ensure that the District is providing a Free Appropriate Public Education for all students.
  • Served as the District representative for any cases involving legal issues and the programming for students with disabilities.
  • Responsible for the State Special Education Plan.
  • Responsible for the compliance of all regulations in the Individuals with Disabilities Act.
  • Provided training for all staff in the areas of differentiation, inclusion and meeting the needs of students in the least restrictive environment.
  • Facilitates and oversees the direction of Extended School Year Services for students with disabilities.
  • Developed the District’s Special Education Manual reviewing all areas of special education compliance.
  • Supervises Certified School Nurses to ensure compliance of all local, state and federal health guidelines and to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff in the District.
  • Responsible for changes in the scope of the position of School Social Worker.
  • Serve as the District’s Foster Care Liaison.
  • Serve on Lancaster County Education/Medical Coalition Committee.
  • Served on Lancaster-Lebanon IU #13 Administrative Conference Planning Committee.

Millersville University

Department of Education, Educational Foundations and Early, Middle and Exceptional Education
Adjunct Professor

2012 to present
  • Supervise undergraduate students in field placement.
  • Supervise graduate students completing special education supervisory work.
  • Revised courses related to special education.
  • Teach numerous undergraduate and graduate courses related to special education which included:
    • Student Teaching Seminar
    • Assessment for Individualized Education Plan
    • Differentiating Instruction in the Classroom
    • Postive Classroom Environment
    • Early Intervention
    • Orientation to Special Educaton
    • Design and Implementation of Instruction
    • Secondary Students with Disabilities Inclusive Settings: Educational and Social Implications
    • Transition Services
    • Administration and Supervision of Special Education Programs
    • Course Advisor – Applied Supervision: Special Education

Ephrata Area School District

Director of Student Support Services

2006 to 2010
  • Oversaw the student services department for a K-12 school district of approximately 4000 students.
  • Oversaw the reorganization of the District’s special education program. Led the opening of district run life skills, emotional support, and speech/language support programming.
  • Developed a special education manual to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local procedures and policies.
  • Wrote the State Special Education Plan.
  • Reorganized the programming of the District’s gifted education department.
  • Developed and supervised programming for English Language Learners.
  • Facilitated the District’s Student Assistance Program.
  • Developed and supported staff Instructional Support Plans

Penn Manor School District

1999 to 2006

Assistant Director of Special Services 2004-2006

  • Assisted in the oversight of the District’s special education department.
  • Oversight of the District’s speech/language department.
  • Primary coordinator of all paraeducators.
  • Chairperson for Multiple Disciplinary Evaluation meetings.
  • Facilitated Professional Development Session: The Role of the Paraeducator in the Classroom.
  • Co-Facilitated Administrator Professional Development Session: Meeting the Emotional and Behavioral Needs of Students.
  • Facilitated Professional Development Session: Active Participation in IEP Meetings.
  • Professional Development Session: Engage Don’t Confront.

Collaborative Support Services Teacher 2002-2004
Grades 7 and 8

  • Developed an academic support program at the middle school level.
  • Served as an instructional coach for general education teachers.
  • Incorporated the Response to Intervention Model as a basis for specific learning disability identification. • Provided direct reading services intervention to general education students.
  • Collaborated with building level teams to examine data and provide support prior to evaluation for special education services.
  • Facilitated Professional Development Session: Struggling Students in the Classroom.
  • Facilitated Professional Development Session: Reading Strategies in the Classroom.
  • Facilitated Professional Development Session: Vocabulary Development in the Content Area
  • Developed summer program, Jump Start to support the transition of select 6th grade students to the middle school

Learning Support Teacher 1999-2002
Grades 7 and 8

  • Taught reading and English to 7th and 8th grade students with specific learning disabilities.
  • Trained in using the Wilson Reading Program and other programs that employ Orton Gillingham strategies.
  • Met regularly with the building school psychologist to review student data and make instructional decisions.
  • Served as special education department coordinator for Middle School grades 7 and 8.
  • Served as the special education department representative at all team leader meetings.
  • Wrote Individualized Educational Plans for middle school students with disabilities.
  • Developed and implemented after school tutoring program.
  • Coordinated with elementary teachers and developed a transition program for 6th grade students with disabilities transitioning to 7th grade.
  • Developed parent training for parents of 6th grade students with disabilities to prepare for the transition to 7th grade.
  • Served on Middle School’s Student Assistance Team.
  • Youth Peace Council Advisor.
  • Teacher presenter at Millersville University.
  • Served as a cooperating teacher for student teachers at Millersville University.
  • Served as a host teacher for early professional experiences for students majoring in special education at Millersville University..

Lancaster-Lebanon IU #13

Emotional Support Teacher
All grade levels

1989 to 1989
  • Served as one of four teachers of elementary aged students with emotional and behavioral disorders in Lancaster County.
  • Taught and developed behavior plans for students with emotional disturbance in all grades K-12.
  • Received Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training.
  • Facilitated efforts of using de-escalation techniques when working with students with emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Served as a faculty representative to implement crisis prevention methods with students in danger of hurting themselves or others.
  • Facilitated inclusion efforts for students with behavior disorders.
  • Facilitated staff training on working with students with behavior disorders.
  • Co-Developed and implemented program at Career and Technology Center for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.
  • Served as Student Assistance Mentor.
  • Served as a cooperating teacher for student teachers from Millersville University.

Professional Credentials

  • Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility, Widener University, Chester, PA
  • Supervisor of Curriculum Instruction, Widener University, Chester, PA
  • Supervisor of Special Education, Widener University, Chester, PA
  • Reading Specialist Certification, Penn State University, Middletown, PA
  • Special Education Teacher Certification, Millersville, PA
  • Certified Playground Safety Inspector
  • TRIAXTouch Surface Impact Tester


Ed.D. in Education, School Administration, Widener University, Chester, PA

M.S. in Education, Teaching and Curriculum, Penn State University, Middletown, PA

B.S., Special Education, Millersville University, Millersville, PA

National and State Presentations

  • Co-Presenter - National Conference Social Emotional Learning (virtual), Summer 2020
  • Co-Presenter - State Council of Exceptional Children Conference (virtual), Spring 2020
  • Co-Presenter - National Conference for Professional Development Schools, Spring 2017

Professional Memberships

  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • Council of Administration of Special Education
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Phi Delta Kappa
  • The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC)

v. 06/14/23

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