Steven Malek Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Steven Malek, Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Steven Malek is an expert in vehicle engineering and heavy vehicle towing with specialized expertise in heavy truck repair. He applies his expertise to vehicle crash investigations, and vehicle towing and recovery disputes.

The bulk of Steven’s two decades of professional experience were spent in manufacturing environments, beginning at Caterpillar and Hamilton Sundstrand before he moved on to the Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois. He worked in various engineering roles at FCA, as a release engineer and quality supervisor covering vehicle powertrain, structures, interiors, and exteriors. In the automotive industry, he performed root-cause analysis and resolution for quality issues in production vehicles, determining the viability of safe and proper repairs. 

Steven has hands-on experience as a heavy vehicle recovery and towing technician. He is experienced operating and performing maintenance on tow trucks, excavators, and other specialized forms of heavy equipment used in the recovery of railroad cars. This includes performing maintenance on heavy truck braking systems and hydraulic components, welding and fabricating, and performing pre-trip inspections.

Steven earned an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters of Industrial Management in Engineering from Northern Illinois University, where he also earned his BS in Manufacturing Engineering. He holds an active Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Steven is also active in drag racing, having designed, fabricated, and operated drag race vehicles, engines, and chassis.