Marion R. McGrath,

Marion R. McGrath

School Administration Expert

Marion McGrath is a supervision / educational expert with a diverse background in elementary and secondary education. She has twenty-seven years of working experience as a teacher, adjunct professor, curriculum writer, staff developer, leadership trainer, and public school administrator. She applies her extensive experience to forensic investigations related to the care and safety of children and adults. The scope of her casework includes school supervision; teacher performance and effectiveness; harassment, intimidation and bullying ((HIB); student injuries; Title IX; sex-based harassment; social and emotional learning; 504 Plans; and curriculum instruction in the public schools and private schools. As a school administrator, Marion has fostered academic excellence by helping to promote learning and creativity in a safe and child centered environment.

As principal, Marion’s experience included the administration and supervision of the comprehensive operations of a school including programs involving students ranging from pre-school through high school level including special needs students and all staff. She developed curriculum and was a leader in a wide range of professional development activities for staff and parent groups, including standards-based performance reports and anti-bullying (HIB) initiatives. In addition, Marion led and facilitated Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) committees to assist in the compliance with state and federal agencies.

Marion holds a Masters degree in Administration, Supervision and Curriculum Planning and is a Core Mentor Trainer for New Jersey Leaders to Leaders Program (NJ-L2L). She also holds certificates in School Safety, Special Education, Gang Awareness Training, Affirmative Action/Harassment, Anti -Harassment Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, Open-Ended Mathematics, Strategic Planning Leadership, and legal updates in school Law.