Marion R. McGrath School Administration Expert

Marion R. McGrath, School Administration Expert

Marion McGrath is a supervision / educational expert with a diverse background in elementary and secondary education. She has twenty-seven years of working experience as a teacher, adjunct professor, curriculum writer, staff developer, leadership trainer, and public school administrator. She applies her extensive experience to forensic investigations related to the care and safety of children and adults. The scope of her casework includes school supervision; teacher performance and effectiveness; harassment, intimidation and bullying ((HIB); student injuries; Title IX; sex-based harassment; social and emotional learning; 504 Plans; and curriculum instruction in the public schools and private schools. As a school administrator, Marion has fostered academic excellence by helping to promote learning and creativity in a safe and child centered environment.

As principal, Marion's experience included the administration and supervision of the comprehensive operations of a school including programs involving students ranging from pre-school through high school level including special needs students and all staff. She developed curriculum and was a leader in a wide range of professional development activities for staff and parent groups, including standards-based performance reports and anti-bullying (HIB) initiatives. In addition, Marion led and facilitated Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) committees to assist in the compliance with state and federal agencies.

Marion holds a Masters degree in Administration, Supervision and Curriculum Planning and is a Core Mentor Trainer for New Jersey Leaders to Leaders Program (NJ-L2L). She also holds certificates in School Safety, Special Education, Gang Awareness Training, Affirmative Action/Harassment, Anti -Harassment Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System, Open-Ended Mathematics, Strategic Planning Leadership, and legal updates in school Law.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2015 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving:

  • Public and Private School Administration
  • Student Supervision (Preschool to High School Levels)
  • School Safety
  • Student Injuries on School Campus
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Anti-Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (H.I.B.)
  • Title IX
  • Sex-based Harassment/Suicide
  • 504 Plans
  • Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) General and Special Education
  • Curriculum Development, Implementation of Instruction, Classroom Management Techniques

Albert Payson Terhune Elementary School, Wayne, NJ


2003 to 2014


  • Administered and supervised total operation of 415 students in grades Pre-School Autistic/Handicapped, K-5, 3 Special Education & Resource Room, and 50+ staff members
  • Maintained High Student Achievement in Literacy & Mathematics as measured by New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge results and reported on the New Jersey State “School Performance”
  • Hired, observed, evaluated, and conferred with all certified special and general education staff including custodians, classroom teacher assistants, lunch service personnel and the cafeteria playground aides
  • Developed action and improvement plans for staff supervision and instruction of students in unstructured and classroom environments
  • Created emergency preparedness drills for staff and students and implemented them monthly
  • Chairperson of “School Safety Team”
  • Developed Staff Handbook of Procedures and Schedules
  • Responsible for District, State and Federal coordination of policies and procedures for Title One School
  • Created “School-wide Security Plans” for student/staff including off campus evacuations for general and special education students
  • Planned and prepared school budget
  • Developed School-wide Master Schedules
  • Led and facilitated Intervention and Referral Services Committee
  • Investigated safety and supervisorial components of classroom, gymnasium, outdoor and lunchroom injures
  • Acted as School Compliance Officer regarding staff related issues and concerns
  • Performed playground and classroom facility and safety reports for indoor and outdoor areas for pre-school and elementary
  • Created the Student Information System manual for Elementary Staff in 2005
  • Developed School-wide Code of Conduct, Student and Staff Handbook, and Positive Behavioral Student Incentive Programs
  • Supervised arrival and dismissal of students, including bus transportation, parent pick-up and the before and aftercare school programs
  • Trained Staff & Parents in numerous new initiatives throughout the years:
    • Common Core State Standards ELA & Math K-
    • 5 Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)
    • Educational Technology Training
    • Understanding by Design Essential Questions & Enduring Understanding
    • Formative & Summative Assessments
    • Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop Model
    • Co-Teaching and In-class support training
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Standards-Based Performance Reports K-5
    • “Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System” (Trained Certified Staff using “My Learning Plan”)
    • Family Math & Literacy, Family Science and Parent Preschool Workshops
    • Collaborated with parents (Parent Teacher Organization) for all supervised instructional and recreational activities
  • Created and maintained School Website
  • Trained educational support staff in techniques used in behavioral management of students, including nonverbal techniques and de-escalation strategies in classroom, recess and lunch settings
  • Established a Peer Observation Program, Cooperative Discipline, Social and Emotional Learning Programs
  • Supervised annual environmental encampment oversaw 20+ staff, 25+ high school students and 150+ elementary students
  • Developed multicultural studies integrating the Visual & Performing Arts
  • Established instrumental recorder in Grades 3-5, String Band, Jazz band, Orchestra Grades 4 & 5
  • Founder of “Early Literacy Intervention Program”
  • Created and supervised the “The Afterschool Test Preparation Program”

Park Avenue Elementary School, Freehold, NJ


2000 to 2003


  • Administered and supervised total operation of 480 in preschool programs for children with autism, program, bi-lingual programs and grades K-6
  • Developed security plans during on-campus and off-campus safety drills
  • Developed conflict resolution strategies, code of conduct and orientation practices for students
  • Established corporate alliance with AT&T for student enrichment
  • Coordinated the Arts Out-Reach Program
  • District Chairperson for Mathematics (Middle & Elementary Levels)
  • Internal Facilitator for “Strategic Planning Process”
  • Developed and administered Summer English as a Second Language (ESL) Enhancement Program

Abraham Clark High School, Roselle, NJ

Vice Principal

1998 to 2000


  • Administered and supervised total operation of 1,000 students, Grades 9-12
  • Observed, evaluated, conferred with certified and non-certified staff
  • Directly supervised and budgeted for the Guidance, English, Music and Science Departments
  • Planned for emergency preparedness. Implemented safety drills including off campus bomb threats, drug and weapon searches

Monmouth University

Adjunct Professor - Master’s Program

1998 to 2000
  • Taught class “Organizing, Administration, and Consultation in Literacy”
  • Presenter at MU for “At-Risk Learners Symposium”

Columbia Middle School, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Assistant Principal

1996 to 1998


  • Administered and supervised students Grades 6, 7, & 8
  • District Testing Coordinator K-12 (1997-1998)
  • Coordinated, evaluated and supervised all extra-curricular Clubs and Activities
  • Member of the School Emergency Safety Team

Brookside School & Barclay Brook School, Monroe, NJ

Teacher, Grades 4 & 6

1986 to 1996

In addition to the requisite responsibilities of a classroom teacher:

  • Curriculum Writer for new Science Programs Grades 2 & 6
  • Curriculum Writer for language arts literacy
  • Member of the Reading Philosophy Committee
  • Member of Philosophy & Goals Committee

East Brunswick

Teacher of Adult & Continuing Education

1982 to 1986
  • Taught Edible Artistry
  • Taught “Cooking” class to special education adults

P.S. 92, Brooklyn, NY

Teacher, Grade 3 G&T

1973 to 1976


Professional Credentials

  • New Jersey Standard Principal’s Certificate
  • New Jersey Certification in Elementary Education, K-8
  • New York Certification in Nursery, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6
  • Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System
  • New Jersey Certified Leaders to Leaders Program


  • M.A. in Administration, Supervision, & Curriculum Planning, Georgian Court College, Lakewood, New Jersey, 1996
  • B.A. in Education, Graduated Cum Laude, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York, 1972

Professional Development

  • National Center for School Safety; The Vital Role of Medical Emergency Response Teams, January 2021
  • Suicide in Schools and Prevention & Intervention; American Association of Suicidality, August 2020
  • The Standard Care for Transporting Students, March 2018
  • The Difficult Issue of School Bullying from a Legal Perspective; Safe School Conference, July 2017
  • Anxiety in Children and Adolescent, Center of Human Social Development College of St. Elizabeth, March 2016
  • Tools and Strategies for Implementing Social Emotional Learning and Character Development, Center of Human Social Development College of St. Elizabeth, January 2016
  • School Safety Team
  • Intervention and Referral Services Team
  • Special Education Updates
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Anti-Harassment and Bullying Prevention
  • Passaic County Gang Awareness
  • School Law Updates
  • Strategic Planning Leadership
  • Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
  • Health and Wellness Nutrition
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University

Professional Affliliations

  • New Jersey Principals and Supervisors
  • Association Association for Supervision and Curriculum
  • National Association of Elementary Principal
  • Passaic County of School Administrators


  • $35,000 Grant Winner of the 2014 Follett Challenge
  • 21st Century Technology Skills, June, 2014
  • Internal Facilitator for Strategic Planning 2002 Governor’s Teacher of the Year May 6, 1993
  • Strategic Planning Leadership

Administrative Experience

  • Developed and implemented district Policies and Procedures from preschool to Grade 12 for students and staff in regard to safety and security, supervision, emergency protocols, staff development, parent workshops and organizational structure.
  • Vice Principal in both Middle and High School
  • Elementary School Principal of preschool (general and special needs) and students in grades K-5.
  • Developed curriculum for students in grades K-5
  • Performed routine inspections of school facilities including classroom/building safety and playground safety.
  • Supervised all certified and non-certified staff in areas of safety, supervision and curriculum and instruction.
  • Provided parents with informative and hands-on workshops to improve their child’s educational experiences in science, literacy, mathematics and issues involving their social and emotional growth.
  • Supervised and coordinated the safe arrival and dismissal of all students including bus transportation and parent pick-up. Created staff duty schedules to ensure student safety during these critical times.
  • Developed school-wide strategic plans, master scheduling, security and safety plans, staff and student handbooks, and the school’s budget.
  • Collaborated with parent groups (PTO) to provide safe and enriched instructional and recreational activities
  • . Supervised annual three-day encampments for 5th grade students to provide environmental hands-on activities. This included 20+ staff, 200 students and 40+ high school students.
  • Collaborated with Child Study Teams to develop instructional and behavioral strategies in integrating students with disabilities into mainstream classes both on the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Observed and evaluated all staff including general and special education teachers, child study team members, Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapists, physical education, media, art, and music specialists. In addition all non-certified staff including custodians, para-professionals, kitchen staff, and cafeteria/playground aides for indoor and outdoor duties.

v. 04/15/21

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