Mark Monteith, AIA, LEED AP Architecture, Construction & Premises Safety Expert

Mark Monteith, Architecture, Construction & Premises Safety Expert

Mark Monteith is an Architect with extensive experience in the design, construction, and planning of structures and landscapes. His architectural experience includes academic campuses, museums, places of worship, national historic landmarks, theaters, municipal buildings, commercial properties, and residential structures. Mark applies his expertise to forensic casework involving construction claims and premises liability disputes.

Over twenty five years, Mark's career included new construction, renovation, and campus and urban planning. His expertise extends to sustainable design, façade and building envelopes, building and site accessibility, construction documentation and administration, project management, and owner representation. Mark's attention to design, construction, and user experience is demonstrated in the numerous award-winning theater, residential, arts and religious institution projects he's managed throughout his career.

Mark is a registered Architect in New York and Pennsylvania and a member of the American Institute of Architects. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Penn State University, and is a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design accredited professional and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards mentor.

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2019 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony towards the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving slip, trip, and fall injuries, construction materials failures, code compliance issues, construction claims, and professional liability.

Building Design and Planning: zoning, comprehensive and site planning, historic preservation, National Historic Landmarks, housing, commercial, educational, athletics, and arts facilities.

Structural Failures: foundation settlement, building systems, walls, roofs, and building assemblies.

Facility Failures/Property Damage: building envelope, water intrusion, door, window and hardware, fire protection and sprinkler systems, site and circulation issues, parking and loading areas, walking surfaces and access, building maintenance and repairs.

Building/Site Safety: stairway, tread and landing design, guardrails, handrails and balusters, ramps, grading, entrances and wayfinding, means of egress and assembly spaces, swimming pool design, walking surface safety, slip, trip and fall incidents, hazards, warnings.

Accessibility: Americans with Disabilities Act, accessibility standards, site accessibility, building accessibility, ramps and accessible routes, areas of refuge.

Contracts: architect default of contract, contractor default of contract, subcontractor default of contract, owner default of contract, construction defect claims, delay claims.

Building Codes: zoning and construction codes, ordinance and standards violations, accessibility codes and standards, special use and conditional use violations, covenants and restrictions claims.

Professional Practice and Standards: programming, design, construction documents, specifications, project management and administration.

Monteith Architecture LLC

Principal Architect

2010 to 2019

Residential and commercial architecture services including zoning, planning, project management, arts and educational facilities, preservation and sustainability.

Project Types
Educational / University Facilities, preschool – upper school classrooms Theater, Athletic, Studio and Performing Arts Religious Institutions Residential properties, development Renovations, structural rehabilitation, additions Site and Campus Planning Historic Preservation / National Historic Landmarks

Zoning submissions / Variance requests Owner Representation and Project Management Construction documentation / administration ADA improvements, accessible ramps and site details Property / Asset surveys

Project Experience
Acoustic retrofits, reverberation, audibility, and acoustic separations Façade Inspections / summary inspection reports Passive Solar Design, sustainable design assemblies Roof decks, green roof design, site and landscape improvements Millwork, fireplaces, roofing, finishes, lighting and materials Commercial / office space planning, elevator improvements Seventeenth through Twenty–First Century Structures

Voith and Mactavish Architects LLP

Senior Associate

1998 to 2010

Planning and architectural design for Universities, theaters, residences, National Historic Landmarks and historic preservation.

Project types include Universities, campus master plans, middle and upper schools, boarding schools, churches, synagogues, theaters, museums, fine and performing arts centers, gymnasiums, houses, row homes, condominiums, National Historic Landmark sites.

Project experience includes programming, historic preservation, additions, sustainability, restoration, athletics, academics, kitchens/dining facilities, construction documentation / administration.

Paolo Soleri and Associates

Project Architect

1994 to 1998

Sustainable architecture, urban planning, design and project coordination, administration, exhibitions, lecturer for university tours.

Architectural apprentice for a number of passive solar cast concrete structures in the Arizona desert including amphitheaters, apartments, mixed-use complexes.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)



Community organizer working with local home and business owners on issues of gang violence, streets and water department negotiations, fair housing, and equal lending.

Terry Burnworth Architect

Intern Architect

1991 to 1993

Commercial and residential design, drafting and construction documentation.

Professional Credentials

Registered Architect – New York, Pennsylvania
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Professional Memberships

United States Green Building Council firm membership
American Institute of Architects membership


B.S., Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University, 1992

Continuing Education

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