Michael Pearl, CPP

Michael Pearl CPP

Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Pearl is a premises security and police practices expert with over 20 years of professional experience. His security casework examines physical security, policies and procedures, and the actions of security personnel. Mike’s police practices casework focuses on the actions of police departments and individual officers as they pertain to use of force, pursuits, and other incidents where the actions of law enforcement are the subject of a dispute.

Mike retired as a lieutenant from the Concord Police Department following two decades of diverse service. Over a period of twenty years, Mike was involved in patrol, undercover narcotics, the detective bureau, and the training and services bureau, where he was responsible for officer training throughout the agency. For over seven years he served as the SWAT commander of a 50-officer regional team. As lieutenant, Mike had oversight of the entire police department and responsibility for internal investigations. He handled tactical and logistical security plans for dignitary visits and large scale events, and oversaw all field force operations.

Throughout much of his law enforcement career, Mike provided security assessments and training to public organizations, institutions, municipal facilities, and private businesses. Motivated by that experience, Mike formed his own security consultancy, where he worked directly with private businesses including multi-residential properties to conduct security audits and collaborate on the development of protocols and response plans.

Michael earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and is a graduate of the Roger Williams University Command Training-First Line Supervisor Course.