David Songer, M.S.C.J. Police Practices & Firearms Expert

David Songer, Police Practices & Firearms Expert

David Songer is a police practices and firearms expert with more than three decades of military, law enforcement, and security consulting experience. Dave has specialized expertise related to firearms, firearms handling, and security at public events. Dave’s firearms investigations focus on use of force, accidental discharge, firearms training, and other instances of mishaps at gun ranges, sporting clubs, and other environments where firearms are present. His experience in security, emergency action planning, mass violence prevention, and response comes to bear in incidents where the actions of law enforcement and security, and firearms storage, are the subject of a dispute.

The breadth of Dave’s experience defies summarization. After four years in the United States Air Force, he spent 28 years with the California Highway Patrol, moving up the ranks from Officer to Investigator, Sergeant, and ultimately Lieutenant. During his time with the Highway Patrol, he was an Executive Officer responsible for training in firearms, active shooter, less lethal platforms, arrest and control, use of force, and crowd management. He moved on to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office as an Investigator, pursuing criminal investigations related to various fraud schemes and organized crime.

David has also worked as a consultant, offering public safety training and lectures, training in the areas of Active Attack / Active Shooter, site vulnerability studies, threat assessment, Incident Action Plans (IAPs), Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), firearms training, Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) certification, and more.

David earned his Bachelor and Master of Science in Criminal Justice from California Coast University. He is a recognized Active Attack / Active Shooter instructor through CA Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and ALEERT and has certified Armorer experience for Smith & Wesson and Glock Pistol. He has assisted in the revision of California Highway Patrol Manual publications on Civil Disturbance / Special Response Teams and co-created the Department’s first Mass Arrest Report.