Michael Gerard,

Michael Gerard

Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Gerard is a police practices and premises security expert with over 26 years of law enforcement and security experience. As an expert witness, Mike applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the policies, procedures, and incident-specific actions of law enforcement and security personnel and agencies.

Mike’s expertise covers a broad base of police and security practices, including patrol, investigations, and traffic operations. He also has specialized expertise in other aspects of law enforcement that are commonly disputed in litigation, such as use of force investigations and policies; the use of Tasers and less-lethal weapons; police pursuits; and special event planning. As a result of his experience in the Great Lakes Region, Mike also has unique qualifications pertaining to the lawful operation of boats and personal watercraft.

Mike’s training and professional career in law enforcement began in 1992 and he retired as Police Lieutenant in 2018. Throughout that time, he served as Marine Unit Deputy, Patrol Watch Commander, Traffic Sergeant, Emergency Services Supervisor, Patrol Officer and Detective. Mike spent over 10 years working with commercial, corporate, retail, lodging and education partners in developing appropriate security protocol that included emergency planning procedures. He also conducted training for fortune 500 companies, colleges, and both public and private schools on the issues of workplace violence and active shooter. Mike has conducted security and traffic planning for large scale events such as dignitary visits, including two former presidents; high profile celebrities; and concerts at both indoor and outdoor venues.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University and he is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. He has obtained certifications from the Force Science Institute, Taser International and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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