Michael Gerard Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Gerard, Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Gerard is a police practices and premises security expert with over 26 years of law enforcement and security experience. As an expert witness, Mike applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the policies, procedures, and incident-specific actions of law enforcement and security personnel and agencies.

Mike's expertise covers a broad base of police and security practices, including patrol, investigations, and traffic operations. He also has specialized expertise in other aspects of law enforcement that are commonly disputed in litigation, such as use of force investigations and policies; the use of Tasers and less-lethal weapons; police pursuits; sex and human trafficking; and special event planning. As a result of his experience in the Great Lakes Region, Mike also has unique qualifications pertaining to the lawful operation of boats and personal watercraft, and the responsibilities of watercraft rental agencies.

Mike's training and professional career in law enforcement began in 1992 and he retired as Police Lieutenant in 2018. Throughout that time, he served as Marine Unit Deputy, Patrol Watch Commander, Traffic Sergeant, Emergency Services Supervisor, Patrol Officer and Detective. Mike spent over 10 years working with commercial, corporate, retail, lodging and education partners in developing appropriate security protocol that included emergency planning procedures. He also conducted training for fortune 500 companies, the hospitality industry, colleges, and both public and private schools on the issues of workplace violence, premises security, sex trafficking, and active shooter situations. Mike has conducted security and traffic planning for large scale events such as dignitary visits, including two former presidents; high profile celebrities; and concerts at both indoor and outdoor venues.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University and he is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. He has obtained certifications from the Force Science Institute, Taser International and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2018 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation and failure analysis related to police practices and premises security incidents. Police Practices and procedures expertise includes the duties and responsibilities of patrol officers, investigators, supervisors, departments and municipalities including:

  • Use of Force
    • Handcuffing and restraint devices
  • Pursuits
  • Active Shooter
  • Police officer training
  • Supervision of police personnel
  • Emergency vehicle operation
  • Vehicle Escorts and processions
  • Manual traffic control
  • Sex and human trafficking
  • Care and treatment of prisoners
  • Internal investigations
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Applicant background investigations
  • Securing crime and accident scenes
  • Critical Incident planning and training
    • Special event planning
  • Maritime law enforcement operations

Premises security expertise related to areas of event safety and security; identification and mitigation of physical hazards; crime foreseeability; active shooter training and measures; threat, risk and vulnerability assessment; active and passive security measures; access control; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED); security personnel; use of force; background screening; critical incident response and training; sex and human trafficking recognition and training; emergency planning and operations at sites including:

  • Retail facilities and shopping malls
  • Restaurants, clubs and bars
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Hotel, motel, and convention center facilities
  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Outdoor/indoor events and public gatherings
  • Government buildings
  • Mass transit facilities
  • Crowd management and crowd control
  • Workplace violence
  • Public and private schools
  • College campuses
  • Child care facilities

Schaumburg Police Department

1993 to 2018

Police Lieutenant 2013-2018
Held positions of Patrol Watch Commander, and Special Operations Lieutenant. Supervised 8 sergeants, 26 sworn officers and 50 police auxiliary officers.

  • Developed police use of force training and policy
  • Taser policy, implementation and evidence management
  • Developed policy and training for less than lethal weapons platforms
  • Managed the firearms program and range
  • Developed concealed carry policy and training for police officers
  • Developed and implemented active shooter training and functional exercise for staff of the local high school district
  • Developed and implemented the Rescue Task Force (RTF) for law enforcement and fire personnel
  • Developed and implemented active shooter training for hotels
  • Developed and implemented sex and human trafficking training for staff at locations including a convention center, hotels, motels, restaurants, and massage establishments
  • Conducted state and federal investigations into sex and human trafficking
  • Supervised and trained police officers in the investigation of sex and human trafficking
  • Implemented police pursuit training and policy
  • Implemented license plate recognition program and policy
  • Managed complex criminal and personnel investigations
  • Conducted fiscal budgeting and grant writing
  • Managed the traffic crash reconstruction team
  • Supervised high risk events that included search warrants and undercover operations
  • Supervised the proper treatment of prisoners

Police Traffic Sergeant/Emergency Services Supervisor 2008-2013
Supervised traffic unit, animal control and abandoned vehicle officers. Duties included grant administration, traffic control for special events, police motorcycle unit, emergency services, and the fatal crash reconstruction team

Planned and supervised safety and security operations for the Supercycle show

  • Planned and supervised security and law enforcement operations at events involving high profile celebrities, and bands at indoor and outdoor venues
  • Participated in security planning in conjunction with the U.S. Secret Service for dignitary visits from former presidents
  • Planned and deployed law enforcement at Woodfield Mall to provide security during the holiday shopping season
  • Conducted security assessments for private sector facilities including hotels, primary and secondary schools, daycare facilities, corporate facilities and entertainment venues
  • Developed emergency planning and preparedness programs for active shooter and law enforcement response for primary and secondary schools, colleges, daycare facilities, sales and services businesses, and varying corporate entities
  • Developed active shooter training and all-hazards program for an indoor shopping mall with 300 retail stores, restaurants and night clubs
  • Developed active shooter training and implemented a full scale law enforcement exercise at an indoor shopping mall with 300 retail stores, restaurants and night clubs
  • Conducted active shooter training for 16 public and private community schools and the Motorola Corporation
  • Planned for the pharmaceutical distribution of the Strategic National Stockpile for a population of 100,000 from the distribution site
  • Developed policies, programs, and training for less than lethal weapons systems including Taser, kinetic energy impact projectiles and FN 303
  • Implemented Taser-Axon cloud based evidence management system
  • Conducted crowd control and field force training of law enforcement personnel
  • Conducted fiscal budgeting and grant writing.

Police Patrol Sergeant 2002-2008
Supervision of eight to 15 police patrol officers. Duties included day to day direct supervision of personnel in the performance of their assigned duties.

  • Supervised personnel during critical incidents
  • Monitored and implemented proper staffing levels
  • Investigated complaints of improper conduct by police officers
  • Prepared employee performance evaluations
  • Supervised crime scenes.

Commander and Member of the Police Honor Guard 1999-2012
Recruited, organized and trained unit members. Responsible for budgeting, scheduling and planning special events. Participated in varying special events throughout the community and nearby areas.

Criminal Investigations Detective 1998-2002
Investigated various criminal cases including violent crimes and sex crimes against children.

  • Conducted victim sensitive interviews (VSI)
  • Interviewed and Interrogated suspects, witnesses and victims
  • Prepared reports and provided sworn testimony
  • Conducted surveillance of suspects and locations in regard to criminal investigations
  • Conducted credit card and check fraud investigations
  • Participated in mutual criminal investigations with other law enforcement agencies that included the FBI, local law enforcement agencies and varying state agencies.

Police Patrol Officer 1993-1998

  • Enforced the criminal and traffic laws of the State of Illinois
  • Provided court testimony in traffic and criminal cases
  • Implemented the proper protocol in regards to the preservation, collection and inventory of evidence
  • Conducted bicycle patrol assignments in high crime areas
  • Member of a 12 officer SWAT team

Lake County Sheriff’s Department

Lake County Sheriff’s Marine Unit Deputy

2015 to 2019

Provide maritime law enforcement on the inland waterways of Lake County, Illinois and Lake Michigan. Enforced applicable laws governing the operation of watercraft, including the United States Coast Guard rules and regulations, operation of watercraft under the influence of alcohol and drugs, watercraft rescue and crash reporting and emergency boat operation.

Provide a law enforcement and security presence at a nightclub and restaurant located on an inland lake of Lake County, IL. Monitor the patrons and employees in attendance and implement the proper actions in regard to improper behavior of those on site.

Garcia Security Services

Contract Private Security

1995 to 1997
  • Monitored incoming and outgoing patrons at various special events
  • Monitored patrons at special events and implemented proper crowd management of groups of patrons

Glen Ellyn Police Department

Patrol Officer

1992 to 1993
  • Enforced the criminal and traffic laws of the State of Illinois
  • Provided court testimony in local ordinance and traffic court
  • Implemented the proper preservation, collection and inventory protocol for evidence.

Professional Credentials

Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET), 2018


BS, Criminal Justice Administration, Magna Cum Laude, Western Illinois University, May 1991

AAS, Applied Science, Police Science, Rock Valley College, July 1989

Continuing Education

  • National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training- Web-Based, National Highway Institute, 2023
  • Understanding Human Trafficking as a Criminal Enterprise, ASIS, 2023
  • Human Trafficking 101 Training, Polaris, 2022
  • Crowd Management Training, National Association of State Fire Marshals, 2021
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Stop Talking About It and Live It, ASIS, 2019
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Strategies for the 21st Century, ASIS, 2019
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Designing Out Crime, ASIS, 2019
  • Improving Video Surveillance Effectiveness, ASIS, 2019
  • Dealing with Customers Who Present Signs of Impairment or Intoxication, ASIS, 2019
  • Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents, New Mexico Tech, 2018
  • Problem-Oriented Policing Conference, 2018
  • G-775, EOC Management and Operations, FEMA, 2017
  • Law Enforcement Human Trafficking, 2017
  • Less Lethal Executive Forum, NEMRT, 2017
  • ARMA Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Training, Schaumburg Police, 2017
  • Illinois Lead Homicide Investigators Annual Training Conference, 2016
  • Taser Instructor Recertification, Taser International, 2016
  • School Violence, Law Enforcement Preparation and Response, 2016
  • Constitutional Use of Force, Calibre Press, 2016
  • Reality Based Scenario, Use of Force, De-Escalation Tactics, 2016
  • Firearm Use of Force Review, Schaumburg Police, 2016
  • Taser Technology Summit, Taser International, 2016
  • Rapid Deployment, Schaumburg Police Department, 2016
  • Refresher Course for Extended Range Impact Munitions-Less Lethal, Schaumburg Police, 2015
  • IS 201, Forms for Development of Incident Action Plan, FEMA, 2015
  • IS 775, EOC Management and Operations, FEMA, 2015
  • Marine Unit Certification, Lake County Sheriff's Department, 2015
  • ARMA Baton and OC Certification, Schaumburg Police, 2015
  • Detention Facility Training, Schaumburg Police, 2015
  • Decision Making for Critical Incident Response, Schaumburg Police, 2015
  • In-Service Use of Force Test, Schaumburg Police, 2015
  • Taser Instructor Recertification, Taser International, 2014
  • Rapid Deployment Active Shooter FTX, Schaumburg Police, 2014
  • Reasonable Suspicion: Substance Abuse in the Workplace, Schaumburg SIPD, 2014
  • School of Police Staff and Command, Northwestern University, May 2014
  • Police-Fire-EMS Mass Casualty Response to Active Shooters, Schaumburg, 2014
  • Use of Force In-Service Scenario Training, Schaumburg Police, 2014
  • ARMA Defensive Tactics Training, Schaumburg Police, 2014
  • Force Science Institute: Principles of Force Science Certification, 2014
  • Taser Technician Certification, Taser International, 2013
  • A.L.I.C.E. Active Shooter Response Options Instructor Course, 2013
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Training, Schaumburg Police, 2013
  • Use of Force Update for Administrators and Supervisors, NEMRT, 2013
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, NEMRT, 2013
  • Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing, New Mexico Tech, 2013
  • Active Shooter School Safety Training, 2013
  • Illinois School Resource Officer Conference, 2013
  • Taser X26 and X2 Electronic Control Devices Instructor Certification 2012, 2014, 2016
  • School Safety Conference, Reta Security, 2012
  • Threat Assessment and Management Training, FLETC 24 hours, 2012
  • Use of Force, Risk, Management and Legal Strategies, Lifeline Training, 2012
  • Use of Force Myths and Realities, Lifeline Training, 2012
  • Less Lethal Training, Schaumburg Police, 2012
  • Crowd Control and Defensive Tactics (instructor), 2012
  • Mobile Field Force Concepts, Train the Trainer, ITOA, 2012
  • Law Enforcement Response to Civil Disorder, ITOA, 2012
  • Defensive Driving, Schaumburg Police, 2012
  • Police Pursuit Training, Schaumburg Police, 2012
  • De-escalation and Minimizing Use of Force, Schaumburg Police, 2012
  • Retail Mall Symposium, Orland Park Police, 2012
  • Taser Instructor Certification, Taser International, 2012
  • IS 706 Intrastate Mutual Aid Introduction, 2011
  • Detention Facility, Schaumburg Police, 2011
  • Police Motorcycle Operator Training Certification, Northwestern University, 2011
  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, New Mexico Tech, 2011
  • Metra Rail Emergency Preparedness, Metra, 2011
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Refresher, Schaumburg Police, 2011
  • Threat and Risk Assessment Meeting 310, FEMA, 2010
  • IS 701a Multiagency Coordination System, FEMA, 2010
  • IS 704 Communications and Information Management, FEMA, 2010
  • Use of Force Takedowns and Handcuffing, Schaumburg Police, 2010
  • Operational Value of Threat, Risk and Vulnerability, National Domestic Preparedness Coalition, 2010
  • K to 12 School Threat Assessment, NEMRT, 2010
  • School Crisis Planning Workshop, MPFD, 2009
  • Prisoner Restraint Escape, Schaumburg Police, 2009
  • MDTS Baton Use of Force Recertification, Schaumburg Police, 2009
  • ICS 400 Advanced Incident Command General Staff, FEMA, 2008
  • School Safety Conference, Valley View School District, 2008
  • Assessing Threats of Targeted School Violence, FBI, 2008
  • FN 303 Less Lethal Review, Schaumburg Police, 2008
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC) Practical, Schaumburg Police, 2008
  • Forming Critical Incident Teams in Schools, NEMRT, 2008
  • WMD Technical Emergency Response Training, FEMA, 2008
  • WMD Respiratory Protection Program, FEMA, 2008
  • ICS 300 Intermediate for Expanding Incidents, FEMA, 2008
  • Rapid Deployment Active Shooter, Schaumburg Police, 2008
  • Rifle Transition Training, Schaumburg Police, 2008, 2009
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, NEMRT, 2008
  • Emergency On-Site Planning and Integrated Facility, ISC-1, 2007
  • Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program, IEMA, 2007
  • ICS 120 Introduction to Exercises, FEMA, 2007
  • MDTS, Baton, Use of Force OC Spray, Schaumburg Police, 2007
  • Rapid Deployment Phase 3, Schaumburg Police, 2007
  • Prisoner Transportation Training, Schaumburg Police, 2007, 2009, 2011
  • Supervising Field Training Officers and the Evaluation Process, 32 hours, 2006
  • Defensive Tactics Use of Force, Schaumburg Police, 2006
  • FN 303 Less Lethal Qualification, Schaumburg Police, 2006
  • IS 800 National Response Framework, FEMA, 2005
  • Rapid Deployment to Critical Incidents, Schaumburg Police, 2005
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation, Schaumburg Police, 2005
  • Ballistic Shield Qualification, Schaumburg Police, 2005
  • Personnel Early Warning System, Schaumburg Police, 2004
  • Ballistic Shield Training, Schaumburg Police, 2004
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, Schaumburg Police, 2004
  • Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics, Schaumburg Police, 2004
  • Pursuit Seminar for Middle Managers, FLETC, 2003
  • Supervision of Police Personnel, Northwestern University, 2002
  • Police Pursuits Review, Schaumburg Police, 2002
  • Arrest, Search and Seizure for Sergeants and Lieutenants, NEMRT, 2002
  • Critical Incident Response, NIPAS, 2002
  • Child Abuse Homicide Investigators Conference, 2001
  • Investigative Interviewing for Child Abuse, John Reid and Associates, 2000
  • Sex Crimes Investigations, NEMRT, 2000 Child Abuse Investigations, NEMRT, 2000
  • MDTS Recertification, Schaumburg Police, 2001
  • Date Rape Training, NEMRT, 1999
  • Straight Baton Course, Schaumburg Police, 1999
  • MDTS and Use of Force, Schaumburg Police, 1999
  • 40 Hour Juvenile Specialist Skills Program, Illinois Training and Standards Board, 1998
  • The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, John Reid and Associates, 1998
  • Swat 2 Advanced Tactical and Hostage Rescue Operations, IACP, 1998
  • MDTS and Use of Force, Schaumburg Police, 1998
  • 32 Hour Police Cyclist Certification, NEMRT/IPMBA, 1997
  • 40 Hour Basic Investigative Skills Program, Illinois Training and Standards Board, 1997
  • SWAT 1 Basic Tactical Operations, IACP, 1997
  • Responding to Hostage Situations, NEMRT, 1997
  • Raid Planning and High Risk Warrant Service, NEMRT, 1997
  • 40 Hours Gang Enforcement Specialist Program, Illinois Training and Standards Board, 1997
  • 24 Hour Interviews and Interrogations Understanding Subconscious Cues, NEMRT, 1997
  • Introduction to Emergency Response Teams, Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, 1996
  • 40 Hour Officer Survival, FBI, 1996
  • Officer Down: Tactical Response Techniques, NEMRT, 1996
  • Interviews and Interrogations, NEMRT, 1996
  • Community Oriented Policing Training, Schaumburg Police Department, 1996
  • H and K MP5 Sub-Gun Training, Schaumburg Police Department, 1995
  • Control Tactics, Schaumburg Police Department, 1995 Monadnock PR 24 Certification, 1993
  • Hazardous Materials, Illinois State Police, 1992
  • Illinois Training and Standards Board Basic Law Enforcement Certification, Illinois State Police Academy, 1992
  • Emergency Medical Services for First Responders, 1992
  • Illinois Training and Standards Board Basic Law Enforcement Certification, 1992

Professional Memberships

  • International Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • ASIS International International
  • Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI)
  • International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI)
  • International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI)


Woodfield Mall Emergency Procedures Manual, Taubman Properties, 2011

v. 12/14/23

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