Philip Shettig,

Philip Shettig

Manufacturing & Product Expert

Phil is a manufacturing and product safety expert, who spent nearly three decades working in the development, testing, and manufacturing of safety-critical consumer products. His expertise covers the entire product lifecycle, including prototyping and hazard analysis, developing tooling and manufacturing processes, and managing consumer feedback and product revisions. Phil applies his expertise to forensic casework involving product liability claims and manufacturing mishaps.

As a product development specialist, Phil has significant hands-on experience managing both safety and quality assurance on the factory floor. Phil’s background in technical outdoor products has developed relevant expertise involving a broad range of materials and manufacturing processes. He has gained an in-depth knowledge of the nature and manufacturing challenges associated with incorporating textiles, metals, polymers, and composites into performance products. By working through the entire product lifecycle, Phil also developed a strong working understanding of the wide assortment of complex machinery involved in manufacturing with such varied materials, including but not limited to molding machines, presses, knitters, and cutting machines.

The consumer-facing side of product development requires design and testing for the anticipated use and reasonably anticipated misuse of products. Phil has been involved in product development since 1991 and has extensive experience conducting hazard analyses and safety testing on performance apparel, luggage, sports equipment, personal protective equipment, and more. Phil has firsthand experience working with national and international safety organizations such as Conformité Européene (CE), German Institute for Standardization (DIN), European Norms (EN), Technical Inspection Association (TUV), ASTM International (ASTM), and others.

Phil earned his degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, giving him a strong foundation in the design process and in developing products with their end use in mind. He then went on to develop products and manufacturing processes for some of the most recognizable brands in performance apparel and equipment during the course of his professional career.