Ronald H. Kennedy, Jr., Ed.D.

Ronald H. Kennedy, Jr. Ed.D.

Athletic Director, Coaching & Sport Administration Expert

Dr. Ronald Kennedy is a school sports and education expert with over 25 years of experience as a teacher, coach, and Athletic Director. Through his forensic casework, Dr. Kennedy evaluates administrative, procedural, and safety processes as they relate to incidents of injury, harassment, bullying and assault that occur in educational or sports-related settings.

Beginning his career in the classroom, Dr. Kennedy quickly assumed dual responsibility as the Athletic Director of Donegal School District in addition to his duties as a high school social studies teacher. He performed both roles for over 15 years, until switching to Athletic Director full-time. His knowledge of the educational system and its students made him an invaluable resource. As Athletic Director he played a critical role in the design and development of new facilities, including the high school and gymnasium, athletic stadium, and softball, soccer, and baseball fields. This process involved collaborating with third party vendors of fitness equipment and facility components to ensure that the design and layout of the facilities were safe, practical, and appropriate for their intended use.

In addition to being a coach himself, Dr. Kennedy supervised and trained 65 coaches across 14 varsity sports in his district. This led to his involvement in the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), where he served as Chairman and board member for nearly a decade before assuming his current role as Executive Director. He oversees 121 member schools, developing policies at both the local and state level, presiding over eligibility hearings, and organizing competitions, among other duties. At all levels of his involvement, Dr. Kennedy’s expertise has been focused on ensuring that school sports are accessible, fair, and safe for all student athletes.

Dr. Kennedy earned his Doctorate in Education Leadership and Management from Drexel University, with his dissertation focused on the experiences of transgender high school athletes. He earned his M.Ed. in Sports Management from Millersville University. He is a Certified Master Athletic Administrator, and an ASEP/NFHS Certified Instructor in Coaching Principles. Ron is also certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Secondary Social Studies 7-12 Instructional II.