Expert Witness Biography

Ben Wixon is a skateboarding expert. He provides investigations, reports, and testimony in matters involving skateboarder actions; skatepark design and management; and the administration of skate events, camps, and competitions.

Ben’s background in both skateboarding and academics make him a uniquely qualified expert in the skateboarding industry. An avid skater for more than twenty-five years, he has competed in numerous World Cup events and qualified for the Van’s World Amateur Championships in 2002, the same year he completed his master’s of education at Arizona State University. He has built skateparks, taught and managed both public and private skateboarding camps, judged competitions, and helped numerous organizations develop skateboarding curricula and programs including Nike Skateboarding; Skaters for Public Skateparks; Portland Parks and Recreation; the cities of Chandler, Tempe, and Phoenix, Arizona; YMCA of the USA; Portland Public Schools; Cartwright School District; Windell’s Snowboard Camp; and Site Design Group Skateparks.

Ben Wixon is the master trainer for Nike Skateboarding, a recreation leader with Portland Parks and Recreation, director of development for Skaters for Portland Skateparks, a published author, and middle school teacher in Portland Oregon. Ben has extensive experience instructing and managing programs for all levels of skateboarding and has a background in skatepark construction. Wixon was a sponsored skateboarder for nearly a decade, competing and performing public demonstrations.