Corey Andres, M.Ed.

Corey Andres M.Ed.

Sports & Recreation Expert

Corey is a sports and recreation expert with more than seventeen years of relevant, professional experience. He investigates, reports, and testifies in matters related to recreational programming; sports supervision and instruction; recreational facilities management; camp administration; coaching; strength and conditioning; and education. Corey’s experience includes students and athletes of all ages and at varying levels of physical and mental ability.

Corey’s training as a Recreational Therapist has provided a foundation for evaluating the safety of various sports and activities and designing recreational programs that are both safe and effective. Corey has applied these tactics in a classroom setting as an intervention specialist, in camp settings as a camp director, as well as on the playing fields, as a coach in youth sports, club sports, and high school athletics.

Corey earned Master’s Degrees in Therapeutic Arts as well as Educational Policy and Leadership. He is certified in Crisis Prevention Training, as a Pupil Activity Supervisor and is Pathwise Certified.

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