Laura M. Miele-Pascoe, Ph.D.

Laura M. Miele-Pascoe Ph.D.

Fitness, Sport Coaching, & Injury Prevention Expert

Dr. Laura Miele-Pascoe is an expert in fitness, sport and recreation with specific expertise in sports psychology, personal training, fitness facilities management/operations, and injury prevention. She is an accomplished athlete as well as an experienced trainer, coach and teacher.

Dr. Miele played Division I basketball at Arizona State; was Tight End for the Arizona Caliente, of the Women’s Professional Football League; and was also a New York Golden Gloves semi-finalist in 2004. She began coaching athletes in 1986 and has been involved as a personal exercise and fitness trainer since 1994. Dr. Miele has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe as an athlete and coach and has been involved in consulting, coaching and teaching a wide range of sports including but not limited to; Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Football, Archery, Bowling, Figure Skating, Hockey, Boxing, Wrestling, Field Sports, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics and Tennis.

Dr. Miele holds a Doctorate in Sport Psychology, a Master’s in Education: Alternative Education/Minor: Education Administration and an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education. She was a middle school and high school Physical Education teacher from 1997 to 2006, and then returned to education from 2011 to 2014 after managing the Sport Injury Prevention Program for a Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Miele runs her own business ‘mindoverbodyathletics’ in which she trains and consults athletes and coaches in a variety of sports, injury prevention, and training methods. Dr. Miele continues to consult schools, athletic directors, coaches, parents, and student-athletes on the importance of preventative tactics in sports.

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