Lisa A. Thorsen, Ed.D., C.R.C., C.P.S.I.

Lisa A. Thorsen Ed.D., C.R.C., C.P.S.I.

Supervised Care & Rehabilitation Counseling Expert

Dr. Lisa Thorsen is a care expert who evaluates the adequacy of administrative and procedural policies, and investigates safety issues related to injuries at organizationally based facilities. She has nearly 30 years experience working in or administering care facilities and programs and is an expert in operations and compliance for the care and safety of children and adults, including individuals with disabilities, in public and private facilities and programs.

Dr. Thorsen’s experience includes working as a rehabilitation center administrator, a preschool director, and as a counselor for individuals with disabilities. She has developed policies and procedures, designed programs, and ensured collaboration and compliance with state and federal agencies.

She holds a Doctorate degree in Education and Policy Studies and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with a Master degree specializing in education. Dr. Thorsen also holds playground certifications from the National Recreation and Parks Association and the National Program for Playground Safety.

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