Tracy Davis Social Work Expert

Tracy Davis, Social Work Expert

Tracy Davis is a social worker with 25 years of experience in case management and leadership across a range of public and private supervised care settings, from group homes to acute and long-term residential environments such as assisted living, nursing homes, and hospitals. Her experience involves both hands-on work and the supervision of those providing care and services to adults with mental health and/or substance abuse diagnoses. In her forensic casework, Tracy evaluates the adequacy of administrative and procedural policies, and investigates safety issues related to injuries at organizationally based adult care facilities.

In her most recent role as the Director of Social Services at a large Rehab and Nursing Center, Tracy was responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures that ensured the medical, social, and emotional needs of residents were met. As Director, Tracy has investigated reports of abuse, neglect, injuries, and other incidents, in compliance with the facility’s policies as well as state and Department of Health regulations. She is experienced supervising teams of social workers and collaborating with multidisciplinary care teams to ensure that plans of care are being properly implemented and re-evaluating these plans on an ongoing basis to adapt to changing patient needs. During the pandemic, this extended to coordinating and planning COVID-related support and services to residents/patients and their families.

Tracy spent nearly a decade working in hospitals, palliative and acute care settings, interviewing both patients and family members, coordinating admissions and transportation to/between facilities, and screening patients to assess the level of care needed. She also participated in discussions regarding plans of care and end of life treatment options, working alongside the medical leadership team.

Tracy holds a B.A. in Social Services from Stony Brook University. 

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2022 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of claims and litigation in public and private supervised care facilities including adult care, residential and rehabilitation facilities, adult homes, assisted living facilities, and behavioral health.

Standard of care issues as they relate to:

Leadership - Appropriateness of setting for provision of care, staff training and competence, program compliance, care planning and conflict resolution in supervised care facilities.

Policy and Procedures - Analysis of department structure, formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies, procedures, and practice specific to organizational context, performance evaluations, best practices, and program compliance.

Care Plan Analysis - Assessment interventions chosen to address goals and objectives, frequency and duration of care provided, timing of assessments and care plan modifications, demonstration of interdisciplinary collaboration, standard of care, and appropriateness of discharge planning.

Safety - Emergency protocol and procedures, facility-based emergency, evacuation, and disaster planning.

Quality Assurance - Analyzed reported incidents, completion of incident reports and corrective actions. Reviewed performance improvement projects for facility identified problem areas.

Compliance Monitoring - Monitor compliance to governing agents through the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and procedures in supervised care facilities.

Supervision - Department oversight, training, supervision, and collaboration with various departments to address patients’ overall wellbeing and safety. Staff compliance in accordance with federal and state regulations. Provision of care as it relates to social services in supervised care settings.

The Plaza Rehab & Nursing Center and Citadel Rehab & Nursing Center @ Kingsbridge

Director of Social Services

2018 to 2022
  • Directed Social Services Department and provided supervision, guidance, and consultation to a department of 12 licensed Social Workers in a 744-bed skilled nursing facility with approximately 1000 employees
  • Developed, implemented, and evaluated policies and procedures in accordance with Department of Health regulations to ensure compliance, best practices, health, and safety to adults
  • Participated in Annual Department of Health State facility surveys
  • Audited resident care plans for compliance regarding accuracy, appropriateness, and effectiveness
  • Performed employee human resource activities and issues regarding new hires, terminations, disciplinary actions, job descriptions, and employee evaluations.
  • Adhered to progressive discipline guidelines for union staff
  • Reviewed and updated policies annually and as needed to reflect changes with state regulations
  • Served as facility Grievance Officer
  • Investigated and collaborated with interdisciplinary departments to resolve internal grievances that are reported by residents and/or family members, in accordance with facility policy and state Department of Health regulations
  • Implemented quality assurance projects and collaborated with other department directors to improve overall workflow, compliance, and patient satisfaction
  • Developed and maintained long term partnerships with community providers for continuum of care for residents returning to the community
  • Participated in annual long term care emergency preparedness drills for skilled nursing facilities including biological and chemical attacks, accidents, and weather-related disasters
  • Conducted resident and family council meetings along with members of the interdisciplinary team to reinforce resident rights
  • Collaborated with facility Ombudsman to address and resolve resident and family concerns regarding care and policy
  • Developed and wrote incident/occurrence reports and participated in facility internal and external incidents/occurrence review committees
  • Investigated complaints regarding various concerns, including abuse and neglect
  • Supervised social work interns
  • Attended guardianship court hearings and provided testimony of residents known history, documented mental status, and recommendations
  • Supervised the coordination of a safe and appropriate discharge plan for residents admitted to the facility for short term rehabilitation
  • Coordinated hospice care for residents for short term and long-term residents
  • Facilitated the coordination of services with various disciplines and services to address residents’ overall wellbeing
  • Provided Social Workers with guidance and support regarding crisis management and interventions
  • Served as Administrator on Duty on a quarterly basis
  • Educated residents and families on payor source options for long term care
  • Participated in goals of care discussions and end of life treatment options with patients and families along with the medical leadership team
  • Provided social and emotional support and ensured ongoing communication between residents and family members during the Covid pandemic
  • Collaborated with the medical team and prepared reports for the transfer of recently deceased persons to the Chief Office of the Medical Examiner

NYU Winthrop Hospital

Post-Acute Care Coordinator

2005 to present
  • Interview patients and family members to obtain pertinent information regarding illness, coping ability, disability, financial and insurance status
  • Coordinate patient admissions to a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, or inpatient rehabilitation facility, and arranges for transportation to same
  • Complete Island Peer Review Organization screens in conjunction with completed Patient Review Instrument’s to identify and assess appropriateness and level of care for admission to a skilled nursing facility

Citadel Rehab and Nursing Center at Kingsbridge

Director of Social Services

2015 to 2018
  • Developed and directed social services designed to ensure that the medical, social and emotional needs of the residents are provided for in a 385 bed skilled nursing facility
  • Monitored compliance with governing agents through the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and procedures in facility. Responsible for overseeing the facility’s compliance with government and state laws and regulations
  • Served as the facility Compliance Officer
  • Coordinated with facility leadership to identify potential risks, by implementing policies and procedures to uphold laws and regulations
  • Monitored the facility’s adherence to those policies and procedures
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary staff (nursing, admissions, housekeeping administration) to identify potential risk factors specific to residents
  • Provided crisis intervention to residents
  • Provided social workers with supervision, guidance, consultation and support regarding crisis management strategies and interventions
  • Educated and assisted new residents and their families in the initial adjustment phase, as well as in the ongoing transition to institutional living
  • Participated in interdisciplinary care conferences for residents to collaborate on plan of care development and provide input on resident care planning and discharge plan
  • Conducted family council meetings
  • Attended guardianship court proceedings and provided testimony of residents known history, documented mental status and recommendations
  • Implemented effective quality assurance performance improvement projects and collaborated with relevant interdisciplinary staff with patient focused strategies
  • Proficient in Minimum Data Set 3.0 Resident Assessments and trained staff to accurately complete

Parker Jewish Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Community Outreach Associate

  • Generated referrals for home care services for patients returning to the community upon discharge from a skilled nursing facility and/ or living in an assisted living facility
  • Assisted with coordination of home care services for those referred to the program
  • Marketed to and maintained quality relationships with community members and referral sources
  • Contributed to the growth of the program by increasing the census through enrollment of patients to the service

Island Assisted Living

Director of Case Management

2014 to 2015
  • Assisted residents with applying for, utilizing, and navigating community resources
  • Provided leadership to staff to ensure client needs are met
  • Assisted persons with disabilities to apply for Medicare, Medicaid, and SSI
  • Arranged for transportation services to and from medical appointments in the community
  • Interviewed residents upon admission to facility to assess individual needs and preferences
  • Completed psychosocial assessments
  • Provided emotional support to residents and their families through counseling and crisis intervention
  • Developed conflict resolution strategies
  • Referred and arranged for home care services for those residents with disabilities in need of extra care and physical support within the facility
  • Ordered durable medical equipment products as recommended and appropriate

Marquis Care Center

Director of Social Services

2010 to 2014
  • Developed policy and procedures for the Social Services Department
  • Worked as a liaison for families and residents for coordination of inpatient and outpatient services
  • Participated in regular team meetings and provide input on resident care planning.
  • Supervised Social Work staff and provided guidance
  • Investigated and resolved complaints as Grievance Officer
  • Directed and participated in incident review committees to develop trends and corrective actions
  • Coordinated comprehensive discharge plans for residents returning to the community
  • Participated in guardianship court hearings and provided input regarding known history, community supports available to residents and mental status

Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing

Social Worker

2009 to 2010
  • Social Worker on sub-acute rehabilitation unit, providing discharge planning services, arranged intake for home care services for residents with disabilities returning home, and/or assisting with intake and transfer arrangements to other facilities such as assisted livings or other nursing homes
  • Interviewed new residents to complete psychosocial assessments to assess for needs and preferences
  • Actively participated in the interdisciplinary team process regarding discharge planning, comprehensive care planning, and other necessary goals of care discussions

Bellevue Hospital Center


2000 to 2005
  • Monitored and ensured compliance with participants with serious and persistent mental illness in the Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program (AOT) to ensure compliance with outpatient services which include medication compliance and treatment services
  • Coordinated with community treatment agencies to provide crisis intervention services for non-compliant clients with treatment plan using program guidelines
  • Investigated and assessed new referrals received from inpatient units and community to determine appropriateness of the program for the patient
  • Coordinated case conferences with other treatment providers and provide education and awareness regarding AOT

Community Liaison Worker 2000-2003

  • Assisted patients in outpatient clinic with various concrete services, including care coordination of services (Medicaid recertifications, obtaining and retaining home attendant services, and ordering medical supplies)
  • Counseled patients on the inpatient psychiatry units on various needs and issues to facilitate an easier transition from the hospital into the community
  • Completed psychosocial assessments to obtain background information to determine community needs

Pratt Area Community Council

Case Manager

1999 to 2000
  • Organized community events for tenants in buildings operated by the council in underserved communities in Brooklyn
  • Supervised VISTA volunteers
  • Networked with community organizers and local politicians to address community needs
  • Addressed tenant needs for community support services and building issues

Options for Community Living

Case Manager

1998 to 1999
  • Responsible for the coordination of services for individuals with mental health needs living in supportive housing in the community
  • Provided attendant care in home setting regarding activities of daily living, cooking, companionship, and community integration activities
  • Assessed, developed, implemented, and evaluated plan of care for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, and/or a history of substance abuse
  • Assessed environmental accommodations to assist in independent functioning and safety factors
  • Ensured continuity of government benefits to prevent a lapse in medical services and disability income
  • Assisted clients with medical appointments in the community and transported too same
  • Oversaw medication compliance

Transitional Services of Long Island

Case Manager

1997 to 1998
  • Provided counseling and monitoring of compliance with medications and medical follow up appointments to individuals within the program with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizoaffective disorder, HIV/AIDS or other chronic health conditions
  • Educated and assisted clients with activities geared towards more independence with activities of daily living
  • Coordinated with government agencies to ensure continuity of benefits to prevent a lapse in medical services and disability income
  • Assessed environmental accommodations to assist in independent functioning and safety factors
  • Assisted clients with medical appointments in the community and transported too same


B.A., Social Science, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY

Continuing Education

  • Annual Compliance Training, 2020, 2021, 2022
  • Fit Back & Safe Patient Handling & Mobility, 2019
  • Emergency Management and Workplace Safety Transition Program, 2019
  • Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation, 2018, 2019
  • Patient Privacy & Corporate Compliance, 2018, 2019
  • Patient Relations, Safety, Quality, Innovation & Verification, 2018
  • Healthcare Emergency Management Plan, 2017, 2018
  • Patient Evacuation-Sled Brigade Process, 2017
  • FIDA-Behavioral Health, 2015
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, 2015

v. 06/16/22

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