Timothy M. Bussard, CDS, ASC, TSSP, WSO-CSSD

Timothy M. Bussard CDS, ASC, TSSP, WSO-CSSD

Commercial Transportation Expert

Tim Bussard is a commercial transportation and warehousing expert with more than a twenty year track record of safety and training. He applies his expertise to Motor Carrier operations and regulatory compliance, as well as warehousing, distribution, and cargo claims.

Tim holds a Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and has logged over one million miles as a commercial driver. His experience behind the wheel includes five years as an owner/operator, as well as 12 years as a driver for national and regional trucking corporations. Prior to joining Robson Forensic, Tim was responsible for DOT, FMCSA and OSHA training and compliance for a major nationwide Motor Carrier with over 2000 CDL drivers. Tim is an experienced tractor trailer driving instructor, and has also provided defensive driving instruction to thousands of professional truck drivers. Tim has extensive experience in OSHA compliance as it relates to the transportation industry. He has created and managed accident and injury reduction programs for warehousing and distribution facilities as well as truck repair facilities. Tim has conducted countless accident and injury investigations to determine origin and root cause, and to create effective countermeasures to prevent their reoccurrence.

Tim has successfully navigated through Federal Department of Transportation Compliance Reviews and OSHA audits on the Federal and State level for multiple Major Motor Carriers.

Tim is recognized by the North American Transportation Management Institute as a Certified Director of Safety (CDS). He holds additional safety certifications through the FMCSA and OSHA. Tim is a member of Maryland Motor Truck Association, North American Transportation Management Institute, and the National Safety Council- Chesapeake Region.

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