Anthony Volonnino, P.E. Structural Engineer & Construction Expert

Anthony Volonnino, Structural Engineer & Construction Expert

Anthony Volonnino is a structural engineer with over 30 years of experience involving buildings, modular structures, bridges, transmission towers, roadway structures, and other structural systems. He has specialized knowledge in the dynamics of structures, incorporating wind, seismic and vibrational analysis as it relates to structural design requirements and failure analyses. Anthony applies his expertise to forensic casework involving failed buildings, bridges and other structures, construction defect claims, and professional liability disputes.

Anthony's unique qualifications are built upon a foundation of hands-on construction experience gained earlier in his career. Anthony started as an apprentice carpenter and evolved to kitchen designer and drafter. Prior to obtaining his engineering degree, Anthony worked for an architectural firm preparing construction documents and renderings for various building types. He then worked as a drafting instructor, where he developed an architectural drafting and AutoCAD curriculum. His drafting skills and building knowledge became a strong basis in his understanding of building structures and the interaction of structures relative to the architectural envelope.

Anthony has been a design engineer and project manager for hundreds of successful large scale projects from inception to completion. He has engineered buildings with varying construction materials including concrete, post tension concrete, steel, masonry, wood, heavy timber, and light gauge metal framing. In addition to his design and construction experience, Anthony has worked with municipal and public sector clients to inspect and provide emergency response for local government agencies; he has also peer reviewed large scale projects.

Anthony is a Professional Engineer, licensed to practice in more than 10 jurisdictions. He earned his degree in Civil Engineering, with a concentration in the engineering and behavior of structural systems, materials, and foundations.

Umpire Expert Witness Investigations

In addition to his engineering background, Anthony is a certified NJSIAA umpire with over ten years of officiating experience in baseball and softball for various levels of competition. He applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the standard of care for baseball and softball umpires.

Engineering Profile

Experienced in the inspection, analysis, and design of structural systems for buildings, bridges and other structures, including but not limited to the following:

  • Engineering and behavior of structural systems for concrete, steel, precast, post tension concrete, masonry and wood, heavy wood timber and glulams timber
  • Structural building design/analysis and overall management of structures from inception to completion of construction
  • Dynamic analysis and engineering of structures for seismic, wind and vibration analysis
  • Structural building detailing
  • Architectural detailing
  • Design of deep foundations systems including steel piles and caissons for bridges, retained earth structures and buildings
  • Steel connection and detailing design
  • Retained earth structures including:
    • Bridge abutments on piles/caissons
    • Building retaining walls
    • Gabion Gravity walls
    • Landscape retaining walls
    • Marine bulkheads
    • Revetments
    • Segmented retaining walls
    • Sheet pile retaining systems
    • Soil nailed walls
  • Mid-rise and high rise building structures
  • Casino structures
  • Parking deck structures
  • K-12 school structures
  • Modular structures and vierendeel modular staggered truss systems
  • Transmission tower/switch gear station structures
  • Warehouse/big box structures
  • Military structures
  • Bridge structures
  • Roadway structures
  • Wastewater treatment structures
  • Sheeting/shoring of adjacent structures/facilities during construction
  • Underpinning of adjacent structures
  • Large scale single family residential/multi-unit housing and single family homes
  • Historic retrofit structures
  • Institutional/Pharmaceutical/Biomedical research structures including structures for the support of vibration sensitive equipment such as linear accelerators, MRI’s, X-ray machines rooms
  • Architectural draftsman
  • Drafting and AutoCAD instructor
  • Woodworking and kitchen designer

Professional Experience

Robson Forensic, Inc.


2016 to present

Provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony toward the resolution of commercial and personal injury litigation involving structural engineering, structural failure analysis, structural reverse engineering, professional liability disputes, and structural design and code compliance reviews in commercial, public sector and residential construction.

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Senior Consultant

2014 to 2016

Senior forensic engineer providing services which include catastrophic collapse and failure analysis, assessment and investigation, emergency structural stabilization, damage repair, vehicle impact assessment, explosions assessment, emergency response, stucco structural damage, bridge and other civil/structural projects bridge damage assessment, mold damage, fire assessment, structural finite element analysis, expert witness testimony, construction claims investigation, and building code analysis. Assessment and mitigation of excessive building vibration subgrade subsidence and differential settlement monitoring; emergency structural stabilization and repair recommendations structural design and code compliance reviews; and material and construction defect studies and testing.

Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor

Senior Structural Project Engineer

2005 to 2014
  • Overall structural designer, engineer, project manager consultant of foundation and superstructures of multi-story casinos, convention centers, pharmaceutical, industrial, modular and casino alteration
  • Analysis of high rise structures, including wind tunnel review, finite element mesh generation, deep foundation analysis, vibration analysis and long span truss design

Schoor DePalma Inc.

Structural Project Manager

2001 to 2005
  • Managed, designed and detailed various engineering projects including: K-12 schools, biomedical research facilities, police facilities, office buildings, wastewater treatment plants, and large scale housing projects and single family homes
  • Prepared proposals monitored project budgets, schedules, and accounts receivables
  • Developed client base and assisted in marketing which included an architectural seminar to promote understanding of IBC 2000 Code impact on structural building systems
  • Extensive forensic work as structural engineer of record for various counties, towns, and public entities that included emergency response of building collapses, boiler explosions, fires, sprinkler main breaks, due diligence and building restorations

Nadaskay Kopelson Architects

Senior Structural Engineer

1999 to 2001

Overall structural design of foundation and superstructure with emphasis in detail coordination and drafting of construction documents including hospital, schools, biomedical research facilities, industrial, internet switch gear stations and historical restoration experience

Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor

Structural Engineer

1998 to 1999
  • Overall structural design of building foundation and superstructure including detail and coordination of construction documents
  • Design and detailing of steel framed connections for steel detailing companies

Schoor DePalma Inc.

Structural Designer

1995 to 1998
  • Structural bridge engineer designing both superstructure and foundations including precast, prestressed concrete stringers, curved girder analysis, pier design, deep foundation systems, and seismic design requirements
  • Structural building engineer for sewer treatment plant, K-12 schools, pharmaceutical, facilities, warehouse, and tank analysis
  • Structural design of box culverts, retaining walls, sheet piles, metering chambers

Bertlin Engineering

Staff Engineer

  • Structural, civil, hydraulic, and building design including site development, storm water management, hydraulic, sheet pile design, lighting analysis, grading, and structural rehabilitation of buildings
  • Filing soil erosion permits, develop color renderings for zoning board presentations, and perform traffic surveys

Plaza School of Drafting

Drafting and AutoCAD Instructor

1989 to 1992
  • Instructor who developed 5 month architectural drafting program and course work to develop hand drafting skills for architectural drafting residential and commercial buildings
  • Presented AutoCAD course to develop training skills to be able to set up and draft a computer aided drafting project from start to finish. Additional training skills included customization of AutoCAD and understanding of X-refs and how to use, use of blocks and developing typical details

Ecoplan Architects


1985 to 1989
  • Prepared construction drawings for residential and mid-rise buildings, commercial retail, and restaurants
  • Provided zoning and code analysis
  • Prepared colored renderings for zoning board presentations
  • Prepared 3D perspective building renderings for concept sketches and plans
  • Prepared zoning plans, site landscaping
  • Developed egress plans for buildings
  • Used early age AutoCAD to develop complex residential condominium units

Ulrich Inc.

Drafting and Carpentry

1982 to 1985
  • Installed kitchen cabinets, countertops and crown and base moldings including Wainscot detailing
  • Prepared construction drawings for kitchen and master bath plans
  • Prepared 3D renderings of kitchens

Professional Credentials

Professional Engineer: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, NCEES


Certified Drafting Course, The Plaza School of Technology, 1982
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey, 1995

Continuing Education

  • Maryland Engineering Laws, Rules and Ethics (Revised 2018), PDHengineer, October 2022
  • Florida Building Code 7th Edition: Advanced Course, PDHengineer, October 2022
  • Florida Engineers: Professional Ethics (Biennium Cycle 2021-2023), PDHengineer, October 2022
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Professional Memberships

American Institute of Steel Construction, Professional Member
Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, Member
Chi Epsilon, New Jersey Engineering Honor Society, Member


  • Volonnino, Anthony and Edward G. Nawy. “Slip Form Construction Chapter” for Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook

Speaking Engagements

  • Technology in Vehicle-Related Investigations: Pennsylvania Auto Crime Investigator’s Association, Philadelphia, PA, January 8, 2016
  • Construction Vibrations: Delaware Claims Association, Philadelphia, PA, January 5, 2016

v. 12/5/22

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