Anthony Volonnino, P.E.

Anthony Volonnino P.E.

Structural Engineer & Construction Expert

Anthony Volonnino is a structural engineer with over 30 years of experience involving buildings, modular structures, bridges, transmission towers, roadway structures, and other structural systems. He has specialized knowledge in the dynamics of structures, incorporating wind, seismic and vibrational analysis as it relates to structural design requirements and failure analyses. Anthony applies his expertise to forensic casework involving failed buildings, bridges and other structures, construction defect claims, and professional liability disputes.

Anthony’s unique qualifications are built upon a foundation of hands-on construction experience gained earlier in his career. Anthony started as an apprentice carpenter and evolved to kitchen designer and drafter. Prior to obtaining his engineering degree, Anthony worked for an architectural firm preparing construction documents and renderings for various building types. He then worked as a drafting instructor, where he developed an architectural drafting and AutoCAD curriculum. His drafting skills and building knowledge became a strong basis in his understanding of building structures and the interaction of structures relative to the architectural envelope.

Anthony has been a design engineer and project manager for hundreds of successful large scale projects from inception to completion. He has engineered buildings with varying construction materials including concrete, post tension concrete, steel, masonry, wood, heavy timber, and light gauge metal framing. In addition to his design and construction experience, Anthony has worked with municipal and public sector clients to inspect and provide emergency response for local government agencies; he has also peer reviewed large scale projects.

Anthony is a Professional Engineer, licensed to practice in more than 10 jurisdictions. He earned his degree in Civil Engineering, with a concentration in the engineering and behavior of structural systems, materials, and foundations.


In addition to his engineering background, Anthony is a certified NJSIAA umpire with over ten years of officiating experience in baseball and softball for various levels of competition. He applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the standard of care for baseball and softball umpires.

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