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Marcus Mazza IDs Gaza Vehicle for Washington Post

February 19, 2024

Marcus Mazza, P.E., a vehicle engineer who leads the technical services group at Robson Forensic, was able to help The Washington Post's Sarah Cahlan in identifying the make and model of a vehicle…

Mark Songer in the Houston Chronicle: Handwriting Analysis

February 13, 2024

Dylan McGuinness of the Houston Chronicle reached out to Mark Songer, Forensic Document Examiner and former FBI Special Agent, for handwriting analysis on voter registration applications after five…

Gordon Meth in the Los Angeles Times on LA’s Worst Parking Lots

February 8, 2024

David Wharton of the Los Angeles Times connected with civil engineer and parking lot design expert, Gordon Meth, to analyze the design of some of the most complained about parking lots in Los…

Augustine Ubaldi Interviewed by FOX31 Denver: Amtrak Derailment

January 30, 2024

Augustine Ubaldi was interviewed by FOX31 Denver following the derailment of an Amtrak California Zephyr passenger train in Weld County, CO, after it struck a tanker truck that was stuck on the…

Gordon Meth Interviewed by CBS 8 News Now on Roadway Design

January 15, 2024

David Charns of CBS 8 News Now Las Vegas reached out to Highway Engineering Expert, Gordon Meth, to discuss roadway design safety related to a 2022 incident where 13-year Rex Patchett was struck…

John Hassard Interviewed by NewsNation on Retail Worker Violence

December 11, 2023

With an uptick in violent altercations in retail stores during the busiest shopping season of the year, NewsNation's Katie Smith reached out to security expert John Hassard for insight on retail…

Augustine Ubaldi Interviewed by FOX31 Denver: Train Derailments

October 19, 2023

Augustine Ubaldi was interviewed by Evan Kruegel of FOX31 Denver to discuss the process of railroad inspections, following a recent train derailment in Colorado. He said those inspections…

Brooks Rugemer Interviewed by NewsNation on Border Truck Inspections

October 6, 2023

As commercial vehicles attempting to cross the Mexico-United States border continue to face long delays due to increased inspections, Stephanie Haines of NewsNation reached out to Commercial Trucking…

Doug Rowland Interviewed by Times Union on Bus Crashes

October 3, 2023

Douglas Rowland was interviewed by Emilie Munson of the Times Union on bus crash statistics following the tragic Farmingdale High School bus crash which, according to the Times Union's data,…

Workplace Violence & Response to Armed Intruder

September 7, 2023
Public Service Announcement

In this presentation on workplace violence and armed intruder responses, premises security and police practices expert, Michael Pearl shares his insight from 20 years working in law enforcement and…

Stanley Jaworski on 12News Phoenix: Propane Tank Safety

July 24, 2023

After a propane storage facility caught fire Thursday, July 20, 2023 in Phoenix, Colleen Sikora from 12News reached out to mechanical engineer Stanley Jaworski to discuss propane tank…

Steve Noonan on ABC News Philadelphia: Train Derailment

July 18, 2023

Train Derailment Investigations ABC News Philadelphia's Maggie Kent interviewed railroad systems expert Steve Noonan on train derailment investigations, after a CSX train derailed on a Norfolk…

Dawn Hill in Southern Living on Food Safety

July 11, 2023

Chemical Engineer & Food Safety Expert, Dawn Hill, set the record straight on hand-washing dishes and water temperature in an interview with Southern Living. “If someone's using their…

Ian Adamson Interviewed on Good Morning America: Zip Line Safety

July 5, 2023

Adventure & Obstacle Sports Expert, Ian Adamson appeared on Good Morning America to discuss zip line safety, following an incident where a 6-year-old's harness failed and the child fell…

Gordon Meth Quoted by Business Insider on Parking Lot Design

May 24, 2023

Business Insider quoted Robson Forensic Civil Engineer, Gordon Meth in an article on retail worker deaths in parking lots, citing his piece on Parking Lot Design.  With hundreds of millions of…

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