Paul Adee Interviewed by The Washington Post on Prison Contraband

María Luisa Paúl from The Washington Post spoke with Corrections Expert Paul Adee this week regarding policies and procedures for contraband items in correctional facilities after a Georgia inmate used a smuggled cell phone to steal $11M.

“Here’s the thing: Inmates don’t just walk outside. Someone brought that phone inside, and that’s something that can severely compromise the security of a facility,” Adee said of the allegations. “Sometimes it’s guards being bribed, visitors bringing stuff in or inmates hiding them by inserting them inside their bodies.”

Read the article here:

An inmate got phones, imitated a billionaire and stole $11M, officials say

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Paul M. Adee, Police Practices, Security & Corrections Expert

Paul M. Adee

Police Practices, Security & Corrections Expert
Paul Adee is a police practices and corrections expert with over 32 years of experience in correctional and courthouse facilities. Paul applies his expertise to forensic casework involving the policies, procedures,…