Dawn Hill in Southern Living on Food Safety

Chemical Engineer & Food Safety Expert, Dawn Hill, set the record straight on hand-washing dishes and water temperature in an interview with Southern Living.

“If someone's using their hands, the temperatures we're talking about reasonably using without causing injury are not high enough to rely upon to kill for microbes,” Hill says. “If a person is hand-washing dishes, for their own personal safety, we wouldn't recommend them cranking up the water as hot as it goes for obvious reasons: personal safety. We don't want people to get burned.”

She goes on to discuss concerns such as cross-contamination and santiary dish-drying practices.

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There's a Good Chance You're Hand-Washing Your Dishes With Water That's Too Hot

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Dawn Hill, Chemical Engineer & Food Safety Expert

Dawn Hill

Chemical Engineer & Food Safety Expert
Dawn Hill is a food processing and food safety expert with 15+ years of experience relevant to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) of food products and the safety of finished food products and workers within…