Gordon Meth in the Los Angeles Times on LA’s Worst Parking Lots

David Wharton of the Los Angeles Times connected with civil engineer and parking lot design expert, Gordon Meth, to analyze the design of some of the most complained about parking lots in Los Angeles. 

Though drivers often focus on space size, the interaction between pedestrians and drivers has a greater impact on parking, Meth says.
Crosswalks and stop signs, circulation roads and well-placed islands — simple design and a little appreciation for human behavior can solve most parking problems. 

Full article:

L.A.’s worst parking lots? We figured out how to fix them

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Gordon Meth, Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert

Gordon Meth

Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert
Gordon Meth, P.E., is a civil engineer with over 30 years of design and analysis experience in traffic, highway, and site/civil engineering. He has particular expertise in intersection design and analysis,…