Gordon Meth Interviewed by CBS 8 News Now on Roadway Design

David Charns of CBS 8 News Now Las Vegas reached out to Highway Engineering Expert, Gordon Meth, to discuss roadway design safety related to a 2022 incident where 13-year Rex Patchett was struck and killed by a driver who hit a bump and lost control of his vehicle.

"The 8 News Now Investigators filed several records requests with the city of Henderson, finding the bump was no secret. For years, neighbors had complained about the road and constant speeding. Many of those complaints cited the sidewalk and Mannion Middle School’s location in the path of an out-of-control driver."

Meth highlighted drivers’ speeds in the crashes in the area.

Henderson police would later cite Marmolejo for reckless driving.

Officer: Hey Jose, how fast would you say you were going? You can just give like an approximate.
Marmolejo: Uh — I would say 80 maybe.

Eighty was really 93 – almost three times the limit. The road was not designed for that kind of speed, Meth said, nor can prior crashes be enough notice to the city to do something about the now-deadly defect.

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8 NEWS NOW INVESTIGATORS ‘He had no chance,’ Well-known Las Vegas-area road defect not fixed until child dies

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Gordon Meth, Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert

Gordon Meth

Civil Engineer & Highway Engineering Expert
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