John Hassard Interviewed by NewsNation on Retail Worker Violence

With an uptick in violent altercations in retail stores during the busiest shopping season of the year, NewsNation's Katie Smith reached out to security expert John Hassard for insight on retail security practices to prevent and mitigate acts of violence in stores.

Confronting a suspected thief is often discouraged because it can be dangerous [...] Instead, he said the best method of prevention is also the best way to increase sales: good customer service.

“If somebody’s trying to steal and some annoying salesperson is trying to sell him something, the person may not steal,” Hassard said. “So you may find your store harder to steal from than the one down the street.”

As for customers, they should make decisions based on their comfort, but headlines of violence in stores shouldn’t deter them from doing their holiday shopping entirely, Hassard said.

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How prevalent is violence targeted at retail workers?

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John Hassard, Loss Prevention & Security Expert

John Hassard

Loss Prevention & Security Expert
John Hassard is a security expert with more than 30 years of experience in retail loss prevention, premises security, and fraud investigation. John has worked at every level of the security profession, from contract…