Kyle McAvoy in HuffPost on Cargo Vessel Investigation

Marine safety expert Kyle McAvoy spoke with Chris D'Angelo of HuffPost regarding the investigation into what caused a container ship to strike and collapse the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore:

Kyle McAvoy, a maritime safety expert with Robson Forensic and a retired Coast Guard captain, refrained from speculating about what led to the disaster, noting that the federal investigation would dig into any mechanical or operational failures. But he said propulsion failures do occur on giant cargo vessels.

“There are steps that professional mariners will take as a result of these things,” he said. “It’s a very complicated issue. Basically most ships of this size, they’re like moving cities on the water. You have all kinds of machinery that’s driving your propulsion systems, machinery driving your electrical systems. And you have to maintain a plant to do that.”

In the event of power or engine loss, McAvoy said there are operational steps that the crew takes to address the issue, including dropping anchors.

“How that all is wrapped up into this situation is what the investigative process will have to pick apart,” he said.

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