Ian Adamson Interviewed on Good Morning America: Zip Line Safety

Adventure & Obstacle Sports Expert, Ian Adamson appeared on Good Morning America to discuss zip line safety, following an incident where a 6-year-old's harness failed and the child fell 40 feet. 

"Some of the worst injuries, they can happen at speed. Look to see if before you go down a zipline, see if there’s anyone on it. The guides sometimes are not quite aware, so the fallback is yourself. 

[Zip lines] are not regulated. There are standards, and the standards are quite good, but not everyone complies and they’re not mandatory, so just beware."

Watch the interview:

Video shows 6-year-old’s close call on zipline

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Ian Adamson, Adventure & Obstacle Sports Expert

Ian Adamson

Adventure & Obstacle Sports Expert
Ian Adamson is an expert in sports and recreation, specializing in zip lines, obstacle courses, obstacle races, and adventure sport events, including those produced for television. He is President of World Obstacle,…