Stanley Jaworski on 12News Phoenix: Propane Tank Safety

After a propane storage facility caught fire Thursday, July 20, 2023 in Phoenix, Colleen Sikora from 12News reached out to mechanical engineer Stanley Jaworski to discuss propane tank safety, citing Mr. Jaworski's article on Propane Tank Fires & Explosions.

“If they're designed and constructed adequately and meet the ANSI or ASTM standards for that type of appliance, they really shouldn't be overly concerned,”  Stan Jaworski, a mechanical engineer and expert with Robson Forensic.

Jaworski said the tanks have safety measures to help, like a pressure relief valve, which will release propane between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. That will allow propane to weep from the tank when it’s hot.

“A little bit just weeping out of that valve – the breeze is going to take it away; mother nature is going to do its thing,” Jaworski said.

Watch the segment:

6 propane safety tips Arizona homeowners should know

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Stanley Jaworski, Mechanical Engineer & Building Systems Expert

Stanley Jaworski

Mechanical Engineer & Building Systems Expert
Stanley Jaworski is a mechanical engineer with a broad base of professional and vocational experience; his background includes more than ten years of engineering experience involving HVAC and industrial process…