Marcus Mazza IDs Gaza Vehicle for Washington Post

Marcus Mazza, P.E., a vehicle engineer who leads the technical services group at Robson Forensic, was able to help The Washington Post's Sarah Cahlan in identifying the make and model of a vehicle in Gaza using social media photos. 

At The Post’s request, two vehicle forensic experts analyzed Naami’s social media photos capturing partial views of a white vehicle. They identified the car as a 1993-1995 Nissan Terrano II, and said the vehicle seen in the Oct. 7 footage matched that same color, make and model and was from the same generation.

Marcus Mazza, a vehicle engineering expert for Robson Forensic, a firm that provides technical expertise in court cases, said the separated trim also “may indicate that these are the same vehicle.”

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Marcus A. Mazza, Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Marcus A. Mazza

Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert
Marcus Mazza is an automotive engineer with diverse experience in production vehicles, military vehicles, and motorsports. He holds engineering degrees from two of the nation's most respected programs,…