Michael Pearl Interviewed by the Houston Chronicle on Event Security

Kennedy Sessions from the Houston Chronicle spoke with Police Practices & Premises Security Expert Michael Pearl about the plan introduced by the city of Houston's Special Events Task Force to keep events with large crowds safe, after the Astroworld concert in November 2021 that left ten people dead and over 300 injured. In the interview, Mike stresses the importance of communication.

"There’s a lot of dynamics that go into making sure everybody is on the same frequency, and who can use them, how do you get to them, what is the channel you’re on, and it really starts to paint its own picture as to part of the planning process," said Mike Pearl, a police practices and premises security expert at Robson Forensic. "The task force plan' is great because it sets the framework for who’s going to be at the table and responsible when events do occur so they can plan accordingly."

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Astroworld victims group says new task force safety plan falls short

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Michael Pearl, Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Pearl

Police Practices & Premises Security Expert
Michael Pearl is a premises security and police practices expert with over 20 years of professional experience. Mike retired as a lieutenant from the Concord Police Department following two decades of diverse…