Gregory Pestine Interviewed by CBS Chicago on Construction Trench Safety

Megan Hickey of CBS News Chicago spoke with Construction Safety Expert Gregory Pestine about OSHA requirements for construction worker safety in trenches after a recent collapse led to the death of a worker in Buffalo Grove, IL. 

"OSHA requires that workers in trenches be protected - typically if the trench is deeper than 5 feet," said civil engineer Greg Pestine.

Pestine hasn't studied the Buffalo Grove scene, but said very dry soil and very wet soil make collapses more likely. But those are not the only risk factors.

"If there's a pile of dirt very close to the edge, that weight contributes to the possibility of a trench collapse," Pestine said.

The full story:

OSHA: Safety precautions were insufficient at site where worker died in Buffalo Grove trench collapse

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Gregory H. Pestine, Civil Engineer & Construction Safety Expert

Gregory H. Pestine

Civil Engineer & Construction Safety Expert
Greg is a Professional Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He has worked on a wide variety of projects, in many different roles. As a superintendent, quality control manager, and…