Mark Meredith Interviewed by PBS on Police Pursuits

PBS Cascade reporter Brandon Block reached out to Robson Forensic police practices expert Mark Meredith for his insight on investigating the actions of law enforcement and first responders during pursuits and emergency driving. PBS's reporting follows a recent decision in King County, WA, regarding "the broad authority granted to emergency responders and high burden of proof needed for criminal charges."

Mark Meredith, a police practices expert at Robson Forensic who served in the Chula Vista Police Department for 25 years, said driving against traffic is heavily discouraged.

“The national standard is generally don’t do it,” Meredith said. 

When consulting on civil lawsuits, Meredith considers a wide range of factors to determine whether the officer exercised “due regard” – including the nature of the call, the officer’s speed, traffic, weather, pedestrian patterns, time of day, use of lights and sirens and the officer’s history.

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Mark Meredith, Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Mark Meredith

Police Practices & Premises Security Expert
Mark Meredith has a diverse background in law enforcement and security spanning more than 25 years. His expertise covers an array of issues including hiring and training practices, emergency vehicle driving,…