Kyle McAvoy joins CNN’s Richard Quest: Bridge Collapse

On March 27, 2024, Marine safety expert Kyle McAvoy joined CNN's Richard Quest on Isa Soares Tonight to talk about the investigation into the ship that took out the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Watch the interview:


When asked, "What tier is the most important thing at the moment in terms of how we learn what happened?" McAvoy responds:

In marine safety and the coast guard, you know, which is now often referred to as prevention, the key is to figure out the details of what happens so that standards of care, regulation, what have you, can be developed to hopefully prevent more tragedies like this in the future. And then ultimately within the transportation system, you have a lot of different elements crossing over here. You have maritime commerce. You have road ... highway traffic. And then, you know, the folks in the city of Baltimore, the economic effects to them ... as the whole community there tries to recover.

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Kyle McAvoy, Marine Safety Expert

Kyle McAvoy

Marine Safety Expert
Kyle McAvoy (Captain, US Coast Guard Retired) is an expert in Marine Safety with over 26 years of experience in all aspects of ship inspections and marine incident investigations. He applies his expertise to…