Doug Rowland Interviewed by Times Union on Bus Crashes

Douglas Rowland was interviewed by Emilie Munson of the Times Union on bus crash statistics following the tragic Farmingdale High School bus crash which, according to the Times Union's data, "caused more injuries and deaths than any other single traffic crash in New York in the past decade."

Generally, buses experience fewer crashes than passenger cars because there are fewer on the road and their drivers are trained commercial drivers, said Doug Rowland, a mechanical engineer and trained crash reconstructionist for Robson Forensic Inc., who analyzes crashes in New York and nationally.

Bus crashes tend to injure more people than passenger car crashes because more people are on board, not due to vehicle design, he added.

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Injuries, deaths in Orange County bus crash set N.Y. record

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Douglas J. Rowland, Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Douglas J. Rowland

Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert
Doug has spent most of his professional career around just about every conventional vehicle manufactured, from automobiles to buses to 50-ton recovery wreckers. He was Operations Director for the Marsh Bus Company,…