Steven Becker Interviewed by ABC News Boston on Accident Reconstruction

ABC News Boston reached out of Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert Steven Becker to discuss accident reconstruction investigations following a Brandeis shuttle crash Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022.

“After it left the roadway for 100-150 feet a bus applying moderate braking can typically stop within that distance if its traveling at about the speed limit,” Becker said. “So either the bus is traveling excessively high-speed prior to a tremendous amount of braking, or the bus suffered a steering, or brake, mechanical failure, or the driver had a medical condition that occurred prior to the vehicle leaving the roadway.”

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Accident reconstruction expert estimates what might have happened in Brandeis shuttle crash that killed one, injured dozens


When a vehicle crashed through a storefront at a shopping plaza in Hingham, MA on the morning of Monday, Nov. 21, 2022, ABC again leaned on Mr. Becker's expertise to explain how the science of photogrammetry can be used to determine the velocity of a vehicle from video footage of the incident. 

"You probably have information from the vehicle's data recorder that controls the airbag system in the car, and that will also tell us some of the speeds and steering angles and things of that nature that the vehicle was experiencing before it hit the wall.

We're going to be trying to look at surveilliance video from inside the store as well as outside the store, and with measurements on the ground we'll be able to make speed estimates as to how the driver moved through the collision sequence as well as determine what the general driver's actions were, whether he was accelerating or trying to slow down."

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At least 1 killed, 19 injured after SUV crashes through Apple store in Hingham

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Steven Becker, Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert

Steven Becker

Automotive Engineer & Crash Expert
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