Dr. Diane Trainor in the Chicago Sun Times on PPE

Lauren FitzPatrick of the Chicago Sun Times reached out to Occupational Safety and Health expert, Dr. Diane Trainor for insight on OSHA regulations and PPE after reports of chemical burns from cleaning products on Chicago Transit Authority Workers.

Their training on the protective equipment, harmful chemicals and safety procedures happens during their first week of training, followed by a test, Gonzales says. But the workers say they might not start working with the exterior wash crews until months later.

Diane Trainor, an environmental and occupational safety health expert, says it’s far better to provide specific training “once they know exactly what their job is going to be and what they’re going to be using at that job. When assigned to a particular job, you need the specific training associated with that job. That’s where potential exposures will come in, the need for protective equipment comes in, and that’s a function of the job itself.”

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CTA Second Chance trainees say they faced discipline after complaining of burns from caustic cleaners

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Diane Trainor, Certified Hazard Control Manager & Workplace Safety Expert

Diane Trainor

Certified Hazard Control Manager & Workplace Safety Expert
Dr. Trainor is an expert in the fields of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health and Occupational Ergonomics. She holds a Ph.D. in Occupational Ergonomics and an M.A. in Occupational Safety and Health from…