Brooks Rugemer Interviewed by NewsNation on Border Truck Inspections

As commercial vehicles attempting to cross the Mexico-United States border continue to face long delays due to increased inspections, Stephanie Haines of NewsNation reached out to Commercial Trucking Expert, Brooks Rugemer, for insight.

“From the driver standpoint, the experienced drivers know when they get to the border, there’s going to be just delay and so maybe they’ve gotten themselves accustomed to it,” said Brooks Rugemer, a commercial transportation specialist at Robson Forensic. “But the newer drivers may not understand, and there’s a frustration there.”

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Texas’ border truck inspections causing delays at ports of entry

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Brooks Rugemer, Commercial Trucking Expert

Brooks Rugemer

Commercial Trucking Expert
Brooks is an experienced Transportation Manager specializing in trucking, warehousing, intermodal, and logistics related claims. After 13 years and 1.4 million miles as a CDL tractor trailer driver, Brooks spent the…