Augustine Ubaldi Interviewed by FOX31 Denver: Amtrak Derailment

Augustine Ubaldi was interviewed by FOX31 Denver following the derailment of an Amtrak California Zephyr passenger train in Weld County, CO, after it struck a tanker truck that was stuck on the tracks. Mr. Ubaldi provided insight as to the way a train's emergency braking system works:

"Understand that the way a train's brakes work, there's air - pressurized air - running through the entire frame. When we bleed some of that air off it causes the brakes to apply. When you have an emergency application of the brakes, you evacuate all the air from that line and the brakes set as hard as they can. Once you do that, you might as well just sit back and relax, because you can't step on the brake any harder."

Watch the full interview:

Railroad Engineer Weighs in on Passenger Train Derailment

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Augustine F. Ubaldi

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