Augustine Ubaldi Interviewed by FOX31 Denver: Train Derailments

Augustine Ubaldi was interviewed by Evan Kruegel of FOX31 Denver to discuss the process of railroad inspections, following a recent train derailment in Colorado.

He said those inspections usually involve something called a “high rail truck,” which allows an inspector to drive up and down the tracks.

“It’s a regular pickup truck,” Ubaldi said. “It’s got retractable wheels that allow me to put it on a railroad track and drive down the railroad track, and while you’re doing that, you’re looking for defects.”

Ubaldi said those defects can be tough to spot, which is why rail companies also do internal inspections a few times a year.

“It’s like sonar,” he said. “If there are no defects in the rail, you will get a particular signal back. If there are defects, the signal is interrupted, and that tells you there is something there.”

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How often are railroad tracks inspected? Expert weighs in after Colorado derailment

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