Kyle McAvoy in The Washington Post: USCG Rescue Ops in Baltimore

Retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain and marine safety expert, Kyle McAvoy, shared his insight with Justine McDaniel of The Washington Post regarding the Coast Guard's search and rescue efforts following the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse.

The Coast Guard generally performs calculations to determine the probability of survival in the water temperature when mounting a rescue effort, said Kyle McAvoy, a maritime safety consultant with Robson Forensic and a retired Coast Guard captain. Incident commanders decide when to change an effort from search-and-rescue to recovery, and later move to longer-term goals, like removing debris and reopening the port.

“The investigation is going to be very complicated,” said McAvoy. “It’s a daunting task.”

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Baltimore bridge rescue effort faced tough conditions and ticking clock

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Kyle McAvoy, Marine Safety Expert

Kyle McAvoy

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