Workplace Violence & Response to Armed Intruder

In this presentation on workplace violence and armed intruder responses, premises security and police practices expert, Michael Pearl shares his insight from 20 years working in law enforcement and providing training and security evaluations to public organizations, institutions, municipal facilities, and private businesses. After he conducted an internal training session at Robson Forensic, the firm decided that this information should be shared for the benefit of our clients and the public.



About Our Police Practices & Security Practice Group

Former police officers, retired FBI agents, and professors of forensic science all contribute to the impressive capabilities of our law enforcement practice. Our forensic experts are often tasked with reviewing the actions of police, forensic investigators, and security professionals. Our experts have received the highest levels of training and have done the work at every level of law enforcement. For more information, visit the Police Practices & Security practice page.

Featured Expert

Michael Pearl, Police Practices & Premises Security Expert

Michael Pearl

Police Practices & Premises Security Expert
Michael Pearl is a premises security and police practices expert with over 20 years of professional experience. His security casework examines physical security, policies and procedures, and the actions of security…