Alcohol & Drugs of Abuse

The Alcohol & Drugs of Abuse practice group at Robson Forensic includes experts in liquor liability, toxicology, police practices & procedures, and premises security.

Alcohol & Drugs of Abuse

Robson Forensic’s Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse practice group is organized to provide the full range of expertise required towards the resolution of claims and litigation involving the abuse or misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Our group is comprised of experts in toxicology, premises security, and police practices, all of whom are nationally-recognized leaders in their fields.

Comprehensive Investigations

Cases involving alcohol or drugs of abuse often involve traumatic injuries related to vehicular crashes, assaults, or premises safety. As a full service forensic firm, Robson Forensic is uniquely positioned to provide a complete and thorough technical investigation by calling upon internal experts who specialize in complementary disciplines, such as crash reconstruction, highway engineering, biomechanical engineering, human factors, or premises safety.

Investigations involving Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse include:

  • Dram Shop
  • Blood, Breath & Urine Alcohol Analysis
  • Estimating Uncertainty in Alcohol Results
  • Intoxication & Impairment Issues
  • Drug Screening
  • Drug-facilitated Assault

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