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Architects are educated, trained, and experienced in the art and technology of the built environment, from planning and design to construction and maintenance. The architects at Robson Forensic conduct investigations into a broad range of claims involving the design and construction of buildings and exterior sites, including a variety of premises liability issues.

Design & Construction of the Built Environment

Architects are more than building designers; they are site planners, technical specification writers, code specialists, and construction technologists that detail the exterior building envelope. The educational curriculum, apprenticeship, and professional practice also provides a knowledge base and experience in tertiary areas of architecture including pedestrian circulation, wayfinding, and aspects of human factors.

We have experts experienced in issues ranging from architectural design and code compliance to construction defects and professional liability. Our architects have designed, prepared construction documents, and provided construction administration services on a diverse range of building types and occupancies including commercial, institutional, multi-family residential, transient lodging, and health care facilities. They are qualified to assist you with issues relevant to your investigation.

Safety Within the Built Environment

Architects are licensed by individual states for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Buildings and exterior spaces are designed and construction documents prepared by architects to create a safe environment for work, life, and recreation. Toward the pursuit of public safety, architects implement and interpret established codes and industry standards; they also advise property owners on programs for inspection and maintenance of the built environment.

Our architects are frequently retained to evaluate the safety of various building and site elements in relation to premises liability claims. An architect is an appropriate choice for an expert to evaluate the choice of building materials, compliance with inspection and maintenance requirements, and adherence with established safety codes and the fit and finish of completed projects.

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