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Biomechanics Experts


Biomechanics Experts


Biomechanics Experts

The biomechanical experts at Robson Forensic provide scientific and analytical evaluation of injuries to determine causation. Our experts are engaged when the cause or mechanism of an injury is not known, is not understood, or is in dispute.

Scientific Evaluation of Injuries to Determine Causation

In general terms, biomechanics is the science of how the human body responds to applied external and internal forces. Injuries are caused by specific applied loads. A capable biomechanical engineer is able to examine specific injuries and use reverse engineering by applying knowledge of injury mechanisms to determine if pathologic loading was generated within the event in question to cause the purported injuries.

Our Biomechanical Engineers Are Often Tasked With Determining:

  • Are injuries consistent with evidence?
  • Could an injury have occurred as claimed?
  • Was a specific weapon used?
  • Could injuries have been prevented?
  • If and how were pre-existing pathologies involved?
  • Did a product defect cause injury?
  • Would protective restraints have prevented injury?

Our experts perform comprehensive analyses of traumatic injuries related to slips, trips and falls; vehicular/motorcycle/boating collisions; sports and recreational activities; fights or assaults; occupational or workplace claims; and failed products such as medical implants, assistive devices, orthotics, or consumer products.

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