Chemical Spill

In the course of handling liquid chemicals, accidental and incidental discharges occur, resulting in potentially serious environmental consequences. The environmental experts at Robson Forensic understand what is required to safely move, store, clean, and use petroleum products and the myriad of liquid chemical products transported over the road, rail, and waterways.

Spills and leaks occur

There is a well-developed framework designed to ensure that chemicals are managed in a way that is protective of the environment and human health. This framework, when properly followed, creates redundant safeguards that not only put in place controls to prevent a release from occurring, but in the event of a release, will also mitigate the damage it can cause while notifying the public of potential hazards.

The environmental experts at Robson Forensic have managed these processes. Many of our experts came to Robson Forensic after longstanding careers with the federal governmental or private industry and have done the actual work they are tasked to review.


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