Construction Experts

From construction site safety to A/E standard of care, the extensive training, education and experience of Robson Forensic’s engineers and architects allow us to address any aspect of a construction site injury, a construction defect claim, or a professional liability dispute.

Construction Claims

There is nearly infinite diversity to the scope of our construction claims investigations. We continue to meet our clients’ needs through continuous recruiting and professional development. For almost any issue we can assemble a tailored team of construction professionals to provide a thorough and efficient investigation. Our ability to analyze construction documents and evaluate the performance of construction parties allows our experts to identify liability, quantify damages, and assist in resolving disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.

Construction Safety

There are countless hazards present on and around construction sites. Exposure to these hazards is controlled by way of worker training and industry safety standards enforced by OSHA and other local entities. When an injury or death occurs as part of a construction project, our experts are frequently retained to determine how the incident happened and why it occurred. In the course of our investigations we evaluate the actions of the injured worker, their employer, other entities on the site, and the equipment and machinery involved. Our experts are qualified by way of their training, education, and experience; they are degreed civil engineers with decades of experience on construction sites.

Construction Evidence & Testing

Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed laboratory to assist where casework requires the testing or inspection of construction materials, products, or equipment. Our lab facilities can accommodate large evidence items and are equipped to perform testing on a variety of electrical and mechanical devices. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.

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Please review our construction sub-practice pages for help identifying the expert who is best suited for your case.

Construction Experts

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