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The corrections experts at Robson Forensic have firsthand experience as correctional facility administrators, police, and correctional officers. Their experience extends to inmates, detainees, and prisoners held at jails, police stations, correctional facilities, and courthouses.

Our experts conduct forensic investigations involving use of force, in-custody deaths and injuries, assaults, claims of abuse, medical neglect, misconduct, and civil rights violations at jails and prisons. 

Correctional Operations

Correctional facilities and jails are required to provide all the basic health and safety needs of inmates while maintaining strict access control of the people and items that flow in and out of the facility. Breakdowns in virtually any operational aspect can manifest as health and safety concerns for inmates, staff, or the public. Our experts evaluate policies and procedures, training, treatment of prisoners, prisoner transportation, hiring decisions, and management of staff, contracted service providers, and inmate services.

Use of Force

Investigating use of force claims within a corrections environment requires a thorough understanding of the incident, the inmate(s) and correctional staff members involved, staff training history, prisoner restraint policies and procedures, and jurisdictional requirements. Our experts approach these cases with indisputable credibility, experience, and qualifications.

Inmate Health Care

Corrections facilities are responsible for prisoner health care from intake to release. Issues can arise from prisoners who arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in need of detoxification protocols, or from the varying health care requirements of patients in custody including mental health issues. Our experts have experience managing employees and contracted service providers to ensure that inmate health care needs are met as required.

When advantageous to our clients, we can involve in-house health care experts to evaluate the level of care provided. Our health care experts can approach investigations from the perspectives of the caregiver or the facility and its personnel. Among our experts you can find professionals with experience working hands-on with patients as nurses, therapists, practitioners or other care providers.

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