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There are approximately ten million motor vehicle crashes in the United States every year. While the majority of these incidents are minor, resulting in only bumps or bruises, more than thirty thousand Americans die in traffic incidents every year. The vehicle engineers at Robson Forensic are retained when lives are lost or injuries are severe. Our crash reconstructionists are automotive engineers with a mastery of physics and vehicle dynamics. If your reconstruction needs to be right, you need an engineer who can prove and defend their calculations, rather than relying on software or published equations.

Vehicle Engineers as Crash Reconstructionists

Every expert in the Crash practice at Robson Forensic came to our firm after longstanding careers in the automotive industry. As automotive engineers they understand vehicle dynamics and how vehicles respond before, during, and after a crash. Our engineers, through their education and training, have a thorough understanding of physics and vehicle systems and how they affect the nuances of crash reconstruction.

Modern vehicles are incredibly sophisticated machines, from the electronic systems, to the vehicle structures, down to the manufacturing and assembly of various components; there are countless processes that must work in concert in order for a vehicle to function properly. When the failure of an individual component is called into question, or vehicle damage is extensive, you can trust your investigation with an engineer who has firsthand experience designing and testing modern vehicles.

Event Data Recorders or Vehicle Black Boxes

The reports produced from Event Data Recorders, or vehicle black boxes as they’re often called, are designed by engineers in a format that is intended to be reviewed and analyzed by other engineers; for this reason, the data is technical. Courses are offered to crash reconstructionists to understand the data output, but cannot supplant the expertise gained through automotive industry experience. When crash data is in question, or crash sequences are complicated, you can trust your case with a Robson Forensic expert who understands how EDR data is collected and interpreted by complex automotive systems.

Beyond Crash Reconstruction

Crash reconstruction is the foundation of many of our investigations, but represents only a fraction of our casework. As automotive engineers, our experts are frequently retained in crashworthiness cases to investigate the performance of specific vehicle systems, such as active and passive restraint systems, suspensions and drivetrains, and various electronic driver-aids.

Vehicle Evidence & Testing

Robson Forensic offers a fully appointed mechanical testing laboratory to assist our clients with the inspection of evidence related to vehicle crash cases. Our lab facilities can accommodate evidence as large as complete vehicles, as well as smaller vehicle components or traffic guidance devices. Visit our Mechanical Testing Laboratory page for more information.

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