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Our environmental experts came to Robson Forensic after longstanding careers in government and industry. Among our experts you will find individuals with experience working at National Priorities List superfund sites, petrochemical processing facilities, and oil & natural gas drilling sites.

Determining the Causes & Consequences of Environmental Incidents

Based on the particular substance, the jurisdiction, and other local concerns, there are specific requirements for the storage, use, and disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials. These requirements are designed with the intention of safeguarding human health and the environment from potentially dangerous exposures.

The environmental experts at Robson Forensic are engaged when industry safeguards break down and individuals or the environment are exposed to potentially hazardous materials. The scope of our investigation varies from case to case, but can include a thorough review of industrial processes, storage and transportation protocols, disposal procedures, incident response and remediation plans, and much more.

As a full service forensic firm, Robson Forensic is capable of providing in-house expertise to model the movement of chemicals and materials through natural waterways and municipal infrastructure. Our experts in Toxicology can reconstruct exposures at the individual level to evaluate health consequences. Environmental cases can be complex, we can assemble custom solutions to provide thorough and efficient investigations.

Qualified in Complex Areas

Our engineers, hydrogeologists, toxicologists and certified industrial hygienists understand the federal and state requirements of RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, and FIFRA that are designed to control the handling and disposal of toxic substances. They also understand the application of OSHA, state regulations, and other standards that outline workplace safety requirements.

From the generation, manifesting, treatment, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, our experts have exceptional knowledge of the “cradle to grave” cycle of waste generation. We can address the means and methods for minimization, management, and treatment of wastes and hazardous substances as they pertain to your case.

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