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Our experts are skilled in measuring the amount of noise at various sites from different sources and performing proper source identification, using measurement surveys, to determine if valid environmental/community noise issues exist.

The Trouble With Noise

Environmental or community noise can be a significant environmental problem not only in major urban centers, but also in suburbs and small towns. Aside from the annoyance issue it may pose, serious health hazards such as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and hearing loss may occur. Noise can be a threat to the quality of life and property enjoyment. The character and amount of noise varies from community to community. Heavy industry may be the source of noise in one community, while vehicles may contribute the noise in another.

Noise Measurement Surveys

Our experts are skilled in measuring the amount of noise at various sites from different sources. Proper source identification, using measurement surveys to determine if a valid environmental/community noise issue exists, is critical. Hazard assessments based on measurement surveys characterize the noise source(s) and provide hard evidence as to whether the community is adversely exposed, if new zoning and nuisance regulations are needed, or if the ones currently in effect need to be changed. Measurement surveys can also form the basis for enforceable noise control efforts by defining acceptable decibel levels in the community. Our experts can also suggest methods to mitigate noise pollution sources.

Development of Noise Ordinances

General or vague ordinances are difficult to enforce. Well-written noise ordinances offer an effective means for local noise abatement activity if they clearly specify the noise types, the noise sources, and the levels of noise to be restricted under the ordinance. Our experts are familiar with community noise ordinances and can offer testimony as to the adequacy of ordinance provisions.

Support at Public Hearings

The public hearing process provides the mechanism for the formal consideration of local noise issues by all affected parties. Our experts can provide expert testimony at such hearings.

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