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Both large and small animals are frequently at the center of litigation. Whether involving injury, veterinary malpractice, alleged abuse or neglect, buying/selling, appraisals, animal/vehicle collisions, or feed contamination issues, our qualified forensic experts in animal science and veterinary medicine can investigate, analyze, and render scientific opinions in these case types.

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Animal behavior, health factors, and environmental conditions are all relevant to assessing causation of animal bite/attack cases. In establishing standard of care, experts consider the animal’s history and training, handler qualifications, and industry standards for animal care professionals. Our veterinarian experts are experienced in handling well, sick, and injured animals.

Horse Safety & Behavior

Equestrian participants should understand the inherent risks of equestrian activities. Horses can spook, rear, buck, bolt, or kick given the right circumstances. These actions can result in rider and/or handler injuries. Regardless of the setting, our experts analyze incident circumstances and render opinions based on scientific principles, education, training, and experience.

Animal/Vehicle Collisions

Horse and livestock owners should reasonably, prudently, and properly contain their animals within their premises.  Failure to do so can cause collisions resulting in injury and/or death. Experts consider the type of animals contained, fencing construction, and animal behavioral interactions that can be causative in the animals’ escape.

Veterinary Malpractice

Veterinary care exists in the intersection of medicine and disposable income. Investment in care never guarantees successful outcomes, and litigation in this field is increasing. Our veterinary experts are adept at investigating adverse medical outcomes. We work with attorneys and insurance professionals toward the resolution of malpractice claims.

Abuse & Neglect

Our experts investigate cases involving alleged animal abuse or neglect, including nutritional abuse (starvation), as well as training abuse. Investigations also involve health issues, animal density (“hoarding”), effect of body condition on performance, and adherence to specific animal welfare guidelines as established by animal associations.

Buying, Selling, & Appraising

Buying or selling animals publicly and privately often requires specialists to establish the animal’s value. If parties disagree with the roles of the professionals involved in the transaction or the animal’s appraised value, our experts investigate the various case issues, and aid the parties involved in the dispute.


Maintaining and transporting animals should be conducted with emphasis on minimizing the occurrence of disease transfer. Our biosecurity forensic investigations include claims related to animal transport, interstate transport health regulations, farm contaminants and threats, food supply implications, and zoonotic concerns.

Feed Formulation

Feed companies are charged with the formulation and development of feed products for many species of animals. Specific issues investigated by our experts include feed contamination, milling procedures, quality assurance, seasonal variation in feed production, and potential feed recalls.

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Animal / Veterinary Science Experts

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