Food Safety

Our food safety expertise covers the processing and manufacturing of food products from raw product through the shipping and delivery of finished goods. Our experts have firsthand experience in the management and quality assurance related to food product sourcing and receiving ingredients, preparing, creating, packaging and maintaining cold chain integrity of foods through final delivery.


Some food travels a great distance and changes hands many times before it is consumed. In the food industry this movement of food, from the farm to the table, is referred to as the flow of food. Along the flow of food there are numerous opportunities for sanitation standards to breakdown and for contaminants to be introduced. In an effort to maintain food safety, the industry follows established standards that work to prevent contamination, protect consumers from known allergens, and to receive, prepare, cook, serve, and package food in a safe manner.

The food safety experts at Robson Forensic are frequently retained when individuals are injured or fall ill in relation to the consumption or service of food products. The work performed by our experts has put food on millions of plates across the United States in homes, commercial kitchens, and institutional settings. If you need an opinion on the actions and responsibilities of real world food professionals, you have come to the right place.


As a full service forensic firm, Robson Forensic can provide in-house expertise in disciplines directly related to food safety. Examples of complementary expertise may include toxicologists to evaluate the link between food exposures and adverse health outcomes, trucking professionals to analyze food shipping procedures, or machinery experts to evaluate the operation of kitchen or processing plant equipment.

Food Safety Investigations Include:

  • Food service related to allergens
  • Food service related to hot items
  • Food preparation
  • Biological contaminants
  • Chemical contaminants
  • Foreign material contaminants
  • Retail & restaurant sanitation
  • Managing retail food recalls
  • Food products transportation

Food & Food Product Evidence & Testing

Robson Forensic offers fully appointed mechanical and biological testing laboratories to assist our clients with managing the inspection of evidence in food safety cases. Our state of the art facilities can accommodate biological materials as well as food containers, contaminants, and assorted industry devices. For more information visit our Mechanical or Biological Laboratory pages.


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